Customer Spotlight: Alico Integrates Qlik Sense to Streamline Operations

Qlik Sense helps Alico manage its production and supply chain

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Alico Inc. is the largest citrus producer in the United States. The Florida-based agribusiness owns and manages approximately 122,000 acres of citrus, farming, conservation and natural resources landholdings in eight counties across the state. In 2017, Alico produced 7.6 million boxes of citrus including numerous varieties of fresh fruit such as grapefruit and navel oranges.

After Alico acquired several new grove operations, Chief Information Officer James Sampel was recruited to help develop best practices for land management/performance, employee performance management, citrus production and delivery optimization. As a long-time QlikView proponent, James had confidence that the Qlik platform could help Alico.

James deployed Qlik Sense to help address problems between different legacy systems that limited his view and hindered management visibility throughout the Company. It took approximately six months to consolidate all major systems through Qlik. Once Qlik Sense was installed, James could shut down multiple redundant systems. Operationally, Alico reimagined its internal processes with a focus on reducing time to delivery for internal reporting and improving management access to timely information.

“One of the main advantages of Qlik is you don’t need a dedicated data warehouse. You let the data live where it is, and you are still able to tie many systems together for deeper insights.That’s what makes the magic work.”

- James Sampel, Chief Information Officer, Alico Inc.

Today, when Alico delivers citrus to its buyers, the Company can measure keys variables such as the exact grove from which the fruit was picked, the horticulture practices that were used to the grove that fruit, the delivery timeline and route, and other operational data. This information allows Alico to compare performance across different growing areas, and identify areas for improvement.

“The dashboard tying harvest management to sales is used most frequently. We can now track details about millions of trees and evaluate how they are producing.”

- James Sampel, Chief Information Officer, Alico Inc

Alico also tracks data on every vehicle in its fleet, from repairs and useful life expectancy to fuel consumption through a fleet management software platform called Dossier. By pointing Qlik to the Dossier data, Alico can better plan for repairs and move to closer to a just-in-time parts ordering process. Alico also now has more confidence in its capital management for the fleet and is better prepared to analyze which vehicles should be replaced vs. repaired.

Moving forward, Alico plans to incorporate Qlik to help manage its irrigation system fuel consumption, water usage, and fertilization strategies.

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