Coronavirus: Do You Know Your Data? (Episode 6: Herd Immunity)

In our final episode of this Know Your Data series on COVID-19, we’ll be looking – rather fittingly – at a vital term which could help slow the spread of the virus and bring about an end to the lockdown era: Herd Immunity.

As we hope you all know by now, the Know Your Data series aims to help everyone gain a greater understanding of the charts, tables, and language that we’re all seeing every day around COVID-19 data.

In this episode, Alan Schwarz and I will be taking a look at the concept of Herd Immunity – the estimate of the percentage of the population that must become immune to a disease in order for it to become extremely rare and avoid further outbreaks. It’s therefore an important concept that could help bring an end to lockdown, social distancing, and even the peak of the entire pandemic. But how do we measure it? And more importantly, how can we accomplish it?

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As we hopefully in stages emerge out of #COVID19 lockdown one crucial phrase we keep hearing is #herdimmunity. Learn more about it in Kevin Hanegan's latest blog post and #BeDataBrilliant.


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