Building Intelligent Analytic Data Pipelines

As we settle into 2021, now, more than ever, data is the lifeblood of any organisation. It is critical to have the latest data always available to make the right decisions, which means you need to build efficient data pipelines for data delivery and keep data moving so it can be the pulse of your business.

Now, there are many challenges in freeing your data from siloed source systems where the data is constantly changing. This is especially the case with legacy systems, such as Mainframes and SAP.

It’s just as important to take into consideration what the data will be used for once its landed – more often than not somewhere in the cloud, taking advantage of all the benefits cloud has to offer. But, who are the consumers? How will they find the data? You need to be able to answer these questions. If you can’t get the data in there fast enough, it won’t deliver a good experience to your data consumers.

This is where Qlik comes in: Our open, end-to-end platform has all these considerations covered and more. We can help you take raw data and transform it into analytical-ready data and make it available to the rest of the business at scale in secure and governed ways.

Our Data Integration Platform can help you build Intelligent Analytic Data Pipelines with automation. The platform features Change Data Capture (CDC) and other smarts that help reduce manual work burden, allowing you to model the data more efficiently. Whether it’s in the cloud, Data Warehouses or Data Lakes, your data will always be up to date. That data can then be catalogued and made available to allow data consumers to shop for data on their own and publish to any BI tool of choice to analyze and find insights. However, if you add Qlik Data Analytics to the mix you, you will get actionable insights delivered to the right people, at the right time, enabling you to make quicker and better decisions.

We are continually improving the end-to-end solution to make your life easier, saving time and effort on manual tasks so you can concentrate on higher business value projects.

Improved Data Integration Workflows

In November 2020, we continued to streamline data integration workflows. Qlik Replicate now automatically registers managed target datasets into Qlik Catalog, which will always be kept up to date in real time via CDC and allow you to better leverage Qlik Catalog's powerful capabilities. For more details, read "Qlik November 2020 Data Integration Platform Improvements" on Qlik Community

Monitor Your Qlik Replicate Environment in Qlik Sense

Since January 2021, all new customers of our Qlik Data Integration platform can take advantage of free Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS licenses and start their cloud analytics journey. To get you started quickly, we have developed some free template apps. This includes a cool Qlik Sense application that helps you to monitor your Qlik Enterprise Manager environment in Qlik Sense for historical trend analysis, performance management capacity planning and server sizing. For more details, read "Qlik Enterprise Manager Analytics in Qlik Sense" on Qlik Community

Do You Want to Gain a Better Understanding of Usage in Your Snowflake Environment?

Check out the free Qlik Snowflake Usage Dashboard for actionable insights to help you save time and effort, as well as better manage your costs. For more details, read "Qlik Sense Snowflake Usage Dashboard" on Qlik Community

We would love to hear your feedback on these apps. Please feel free to add your comments by replying to the relevant Qlik Community posts of the above apps. We also welcome any suggestions for other Qlik Sense apps that would help you with your data integration requirements. Please reach out to your customer success, account reps, or you can even suggest an idea on our Ideation forum. Stay tuned as we plan on sharing more Qlik Sense template apps on Qlik Community throughout the year.

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