Bringing It All Together in 2021

All in on SaaS, All Elements Enhancing Each Other for Active Intelligence

As a result of overwhelming excitement (and pressure) from my fellow Qlikkies, I’m going to share with you the recent demo I did at our all-company annual kick-off which shows Active Intelligence in action. It was intended to be an “internal-only” demo because it mixes existing capabilities with near-term future ones, but, on reflection, I think you, too, will be just as excited.

The demo shows everything from Qlik all together in SaaS – from data integration to analytics and action – which directly supports our vision for Active Intelligence, where real-time data triggers automated updates, alerts and insights that inform all users in an organization within their workflows and at the point of decision. That’s the key unifier and driver of the value we bring to our clients.

We are centralizing data integration and analytics in the Cloud Hub. I can tool around with datasets, access and perform Qlik Replicate operations, make use of change data capture technology, and have new visualizations galore made for me on the fly. There’s little to no lag time, because we’ve made sure all these features work together seamlessly. Want to know how your sportwear is selling in Argentina right now – not yesterday or last week? Pull up the dataset, let Replicate do its magic, and you can start to create a dashboard. And, together with Insight Advisor, you can interrogate your data and discover new insights to drive your decision-making. This is truly a one-stop-shop; explore, refine and get more familiar with your data to bring business value to everything you do. The forthcoming mobile app will even send you intelligent data alerts so know when to take action.

The bottom line – having everything together, all in SaaS, enhancing each other is what Qlik can deliver and take you to state of Active Intelligence. Check out my demo if you want to find out more.

What a great start to 2021! I’m already getting ideas for my annual five favorite things during this year’s upcoming QlikWorld in early May!

@joshdotbad isn't keeping it all to himself: Watch how, by bringing it all together in SaaS, #Qlik is driving #ActiveIntelligence

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