Breaking Down the Data Silos for Modern Analytics

Provide Insights for All by Replicating Data from Enterprise Data Sources to Azure Synapse with Qlik Data Integration

2019 was a year of significant change at Qlik. We continued our evolution into an end to end platform provider, with building out a full Data Integration platform (the combination of Attunity and Podium Data). These evolutions dramatically impacted our partnership landscape, including our partnership with Microsoft. The Microsoft relationship deepened last fall with the launch of Azure Synapse Analytics (Azure Synapse), which expanded the value Qlik Data Integration brings to Azure Data Services.

The combination of Qlik Data Integration and Azure Synapse’s cloud-based data lake and data warehouse capabilities create a unified analytics experience for customers in need of BI and machine learning applications. Qlik Data Integration powers this analytics experience through its ability to easily and securely deliver data from multiple data sources into any platform, thereby increasing business agility. This accelerates the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data for Azure Synapse users by automating data streaming, refinement, cataloging and publishing. This combined offering breaks down data silos, making insights accessible across the organization with a leading solution that’s compatible with existing development, BI and data science tools.

Since the launch of Azure Synapse last November at Inspire, we’ve seen unprecedented customer interest in driving data to this platform. It is SimplyUnmatched! One such customer is Save the Children, which faced problems with the way it collected and distributed data. The organization suffered from long report generation cycles and out of date data, and was in need of a modernized and dynamic data storage architecture and delivery solution. Save the Children instituted a BI initiative to move data using Qlik Data Integration from multiple sources into a cloud-based lake via Azure Synapse, with analysts who measure program and financial performance as a main user base. Today analysts have greater insight into their data and can run up-to-the-minute reports to help them with business-critical decisions. (Learn more about this customer success story by watching this video.)

“Qlik has been a valued Microsoft partner for over 10 years. We look forward to our customers benefitting from Qlik’s expertise in real-time data ingestion and warehouse automation for Synapse.”

– Daniel Yu, Director of Marketing, Microsoft Azure (Data & AI)

Save the Children is just one example of an organization that was able to modernize how it architected its data to provide actionable insights to all of its teams with the help of Qlik Data Integration, Azure Synapse and Power BI. Save the Children realized, like many organizations, that to lead in the digital age where real-time decisions are critical, you need to be able to easily access and analyze the latest and most accurate data. Save the Children is a great example of how our joint solutions truly provide #InsightsForAll. To learn more about what the Qlik Data Integration platform can do with Azure Synapse, check out these additional resources.

Our own @cbearman discusses how @Qlik & Microsoft @Azure are bringing together #dataintegration #datalake & #datawarehouse capabilities, providing #InsightsForAll. Read his latest blog post.


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