Attunity Technology is Now Part of Accenture Innovation Center

Attunity technology is now part of an Accenture Innovation Center in Rome, Italy. This Center serves as go-to destination for Accenture clients who want to explore the latest innovations that are transforming how organizations compete and grow in today’s fast-changing environment.

The Rome Innovation Center combines capabilities across Accenture’s business – including?Accenture Cloud, Accenture Mobility and Accenture Analytics. The Center let clients to get hands-on with leading technologies – such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and voice interaction – to solve today’s business problems in a digitally-enabled space designed to foster teamwork and inspire innovative thinking.

The Accenture Innovation Center uses a variety of innovative technologies including Attunity’s to help clients solve business problems

At the Innovation Center, Accenture’s clients have access to a range of leading-edge digital technologies and collaboration tools, including:

  • The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience, an immersive and collaborative analytics environment to make data more accessible and engaging, helping clients to reach faster, insight-driven decisions to influence business outcomes using Attunity technology.
  • Digitally enabled and fully configurable collaboration and work spaces that feature visual collaboration solutions such as a Microsoft Surface Hub to link locations, teams, content and devices in a connected, shared workspace.

For more information on how Attunity and Accenture are working together:


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