Attunity Joins ODPi to Further Open Big Data Ecosystem

This week, Attunity officially joined ODPi, a nonprofit organization committed to simplification and standardization of the big data ecosystem with common reference specifications and test suites. John Mertic, Director of Program Management at ODPi wrote this article as part of welcoming Attunity as a new ODPi member.

Open Source and Data Governance coming together in ODPi

Data governance is nothing new – the practice of having better understanding and management of the data in an organization is as old as the database itself. But what has changed is the amount of data out there that needs to be governed, which has been driven by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the past few years.

This has created a shift in how organizations think about their data infrastructure. No longer are the traditional scale concerns the “3 V’s” of Big Data: volume, velocity, and variety in the forefront, but instead organizations are thinking about the distribution of data. (See the chart below.)

What does that mean for data governance? It means that it must evolve. Organizations need to capture how data is created and collected and comply with the growing number of regulations governing data locally, nationally and globally.

The challenge comes down to improving metadata management. We at ODPi – including new member Attunity, look to grow a community to drive consensus on this – binding ourselves to the below manifesto.

  1. The maintenance of metadata must be automated
  2. Metadata management must become ubiquitous
  3. Metadata access must become open and remotely accessible
  4. Metadata should be used to drive the governance of data
  5. Wherever possible, discovery and maintenance of metadata has to be an integral part of all tools that access, change and move information

To fulfill this direction, the key action must be to ensure that all metadata tools across the enterprise provide a standard set of APIs for integrating with the various line of business tools engaging with data.

Building this paradigm is an effort that is larger than any one organization or community. It requires the buy-in and input across the entire spectrum. That is exactly why ODPi has chosen to bring this effort under its wing. ODPi is uniquely positioned to bring together a vendor-neutral ecosystem of the needed constituents, namely:

  • Data governance practitioners, who are unique experts in this discipline
  • Privacy leadership within organizations, who are strategizing for regulations such as GDPR that impact how they transaction and engage the customer
  • Application vendors that bring products to market both providing and consuming metadata

On behalf of the entire ODPi community and leadership, we are extremely excited to see Attunity join us. The continued investment and dedication to our mission ensures that this effort can grow further across the industry, reducing duplications of efforts and providing economic value to organizations worldwide.

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