Attunity Formally Rebrands as Qlik

Moving Forward all Attunity Solutions Are Branded as Part of Qlik’s Data Integration Platform

Qlik today announced the formal rebranding of the Attunity brand and data integration products into the Qlik brand. This brand change applies to every product Qlik acquired from Attunity in 2019, which are now integrated into Qlik’s overall data integration platform strategy.

With the acquistion of Attunity, Qlik evolved beyond analytics to include a robust data integration platform as part of its mission to help organizations accelerate business value through data. Initially, Qlik maintained the Attunity brand as a division of Qlik through 2019 so that customers and partners became aware that Attunity was a part of Qlik. Today’s brand evolution announcement reflects Qlik’s strong leadership position in both the data integration and analytics markets, with two distinct platform offerings: Qlik Data Integration and Qlik Data Analytics.

Qlik CEO Mike Capone detailed the change and what it means for customers in a video address. Qlik is directly communicating the change to partners as well through its partner portal and channels.

Qlik will continue to support its data integration products independently, in heterogeneous environments, but also create seamless integration across the data pipeline to simplify and accelerate data access and analysis for its customers. Qlik expects to increase the value of customers’ investments in these products as it works to improve integration and interoperability. Qlik will communicate this strategy to customers at its flagship conference QlikWorld™, May 11-14, and in other forums, meetups and events.

Qlik’s Data Integration platform consists of:

  • Qlik Replicate™ (formerly Attunity Replicate)
  • Qlik Enterprise Manager™ (formerly Attunity Enterprise Manager)
  • Qlik Compose™ (formerly Attunity Compose)
  • Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client), and
  • Qlik Data Catalyst®

@Qlik rebrands all Attunity solutions as part of Qlik's #Data Integration Platform; the brand change applies to every product Qlik acquired from Attunity in 2019. Read this latest blog post to learn more.


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