Asian Development Bank and Qlik Launch COVID-19 Challenge

Partnership Aims To Solve COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Immunization Monitoring Challenges

One of the encouraging aspects emerging from the response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is the groundswell of collaboration and data sharing across nations, organizations and sectors. Groups that have never done business together are forming relationships and cooperating to solve one of the most pervasive threats to economic development in decades.

As part of our partnership and work with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Qlik, through, has developed a series of data applications to support the effort in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

As scientists continue to work at great speed to develop safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, countries must also strengthen their capacity to distribute and administer them as quickly and efficiently as possible. As part of its work to address COVID-19 within the region, ADB is launching a three-part COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series aims to find several digital solutions that will help ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) tackle a broad range of challenges as vaccines become available—from vaccine delivery and distribution, to public communication and education, to mobilization and monitoring of healthcare workers and volunteers, as well as safe and efficient administration of COVID-19 vaccines. Learn more about the challenge by clicking here.

As both ADB and Qlik have a long history of successful data challenges, we know that data analytics are key to overcoming issues that affect us globally and indiscriminately. Qlik has engaged the world on issues ranging from climate change with C40 Cities, to peacekeeping with the U.N. Department of Peacekeeping, to Ebola with Medair. All challenges resulted in powerful applications that are in deployment today, making a difference.

This is why ADB and Qlik are partnering on this very important challenge series. We’re inspired by the incredible work of science to create vaccines. Now, we must create data-driven solutions to implement challenging vaccination programs and save lives. We are asking our network of expert data scientists, partners, customers and students to answer the call of these challenges. We are also making our Qlik software and trainings available to all participants of the challenges.

As a partner of ADB, Qlik is proud to provide free access to Qlik software and support to leverage best-in-class Qlik cloud technology for the data and analytic capabilities needed to complete the challenge series. To participate, take the steps outlined below.

  1. Click here to access a free trial of Qlik Sense Business software.
  2. Click here for access to free Data Literacy training resources.
  3. Click here for access to an extensive library of Qlik help resources.
  4. Click here to join the Qlik Community and join our expert COVID-19 conversation
  5. Email to get registered with Qlik and be provided with access to the challenge. You’ll receive an extended Qlik SaaS upgraded license to complete the challenge and have access to extensive training resources. You will also be registered to receive information and access to learning webinars and help sessions over the course of the challenge series.

The challenge series is launching this week and the first two challenge solutions are due January 31, 2021. Challenge winners, of which there are two in this first part, will receive a $50,000 seed-funding reward from ADB. This is your chance to leverage your expert skills to solve one of the most important global health crises our world has ever faced by leading with data.

@Qlik & @ADB_HQ partner to launch a three-part COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series


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