Activate Your Data, People and Processes

With the pandemic, there is no question that businesses are undergoing significant transformation with the needs of data-informed, real-time agility and actions, distributed working practices, and a demand to shift away from traditional on-premise solutions to SaaS. All these needs are a call for activation of data, people and processes. This year at QlikWorld Online, we are sharing the innovations supporting our Active Intelligence vision and how we are changing the pace of BI from being passive to active.

By joining QlikWord Online, I want you to rethink what analytics should really enable in the digital era: Why are you making investments into data and analytics?

The ultimate purpose of collecting data and creating analytics is to enable action; not to inform action, but to compel action. At the event, you will see how our innovations across Qlik’s platforms optimize informed actions for our users and push organizations further into achieving a state of Active Intelligence.

In this blog post, I am going to highlight some of our innovations under three themes – data, people and processes – and why you do not want to miss out on our product keynote on May 10th and the other sessions at QlikWorld Online.

Activate Your Data

We are delivering our vision for activating data with Analytics Data Pipelines. This framework is a set of architecture and tools that go beyond traditional data movement, automation and transformation, enabling organizations with a much more dynamic relationship with information in the digital era. At the keynote, you will understand why passive BI fails with the preconfigured, historical data sets, and how analytics data pipelines are designed to support real-time movements of data, enabling decisioning and actions at the speed of business. We will also share our innovations within Qlik Cloud Data Services, which is a Hybrid Data Delivery Service that continuously streams on-premise and cloud data to Qlik Cloud Services for immediate data analysis and exploration. We will also share our new data catalog capabilities in SaaS, which enables users to easily find, classify and determine which data is best to use for their analytics.

Activate Your People

“Be prepared, because we are about to Unleash the Beast” is how I finished the product keynote demo at Qonnections 2018, when we first launched our augmented analytics capabilities with Insight Advisor. Fast forward three years: We have added countless new innovations to help your people, enhancing and enriching users’ experiences with machine-generated insights, as well as conversational analytics, thereby raising the data literacy of every individual within organizations. This year, you will see our continued emphasis on innovations, multiplied by the “power of many,” with an exciting new feature: Collaborative Notes. This feature is designed to harness the power of a group; with multi-user collaboration on multiple dashboard (with multiple data sets), it can activate engagement across traditionally siloed pieces of tacit knowledge and inspire actions from data and analytics-based discussions.

Activate Your Processes

Qlik is the only end-to-end solution for data integration, analytics and automation. At the event, you will see how Qlik’s data and analytics platform, combined with the power of (now a Qlik company) automation, enables the delivery of real-time, up-to-date data, triggering immediate actions and orchestrating business processes. During the product keynote, we will share examples of hybrid automation with human-in-the-loop use cases, and pure system-to-system automation, demonstrating the awesome non-code automation power of for any cloud and SaaS applications. And, finally, we will showcase an analytics-based automation, which will combine the power of augmented intelligence with, providing our users with data and analytics superpowers.

It is time for you to rethink the real purpose of BI and activate the potential of your data and analytics with Qlik’s recent innovations. Join us at QlikWorld Online 2021 to learn more. I look forward to virtually meeting you all there!

#QlikWorld is fast approaching. Want a sneak peak at @Qlik's innovations supporting #ActiveIntelligence? Check out what @elif_tutuk has to say.


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