A Frontline 5 Favorite Things Update Since Qonnections 2018

Customers are adopting Insight Advisor, Customizations, Multi-Layer maps and more – what will 2019 bring?

Qonnections is always a highlight on the Qlik calendar, and I’m personally excited to once again deliver my 5 Favorite things demo – what I think is especially cool or revolutionary in the Qlik product set. Before settling on this year’s 5, I reviewed last year’s list and I was struck by how many great customer examples are already in market for these innovations (my write up on last year’s 5 can be found here).

Quick review: last year I was really excited about us enabling more customization within Qlik, adding the Insight Advisor, providing Association recommendations, Augmented self-service and building Multi-layer maps. It’s incredibly rewarding to see real-world customers implementing these to propel their digital transformations and drive data literacy.


Taking advantage of Qlik’s customization bundles, Team Rubicon’s Open Initiative really stood out to me. The app is a part of a bold effort to shed transparency into the donation process of non-profit organizations, enabling donors and citizens to see exactly where capital is going. With the Open Initiative app, Team Rubicon extends its commitment to data transparency by sharing details on all activity related to every single dollar spent. To learn more about the app and Team Rubicon, take a look at this post from my colleague Heather Gittings.

Insight Advisor

One of our more ground-breaking innovations, Insight Advisory is helping MPower SL – a point of sales and value-added service provider in the sports, hospitality and leisure segment – analyze customer data across a multitude of systems and business silos globally for insights to drive sales and growth. MPower leverages Insight Advisor to analyze the cause and effect on venue visits and the impact on revenue, while also exploring customer spending habits to identify food and beverages consumed for more targeted promotional campaigns to draw customers to venues. You can learn more here about how MSL Solutions leverages Qlik and their plans to track sales and stock levels at venues in real-time.

Association Recommendation and Augmented Self-Service

Qlik’s Association Recommendations became key to Touchstone Behavioral Health enabling data discoveries for their clinicians. With multiple data sources in play and a need to aggregate all data in an understandable and action oriented manner, Qlik is enabling clinicians to gather information right at their fingertips, prompting them to become more productive and meet their objectives. Additionally, using Qlik’s augmented self-service capabilities, Touchstone aims to further clinician data literacy by enabling them to build dashboards on their own and discover insights within their respective departments. Take a deeper look at how analytics is impacting data-driven decisions at Touchstone Behavioral Health here.

Multi-Layer Maps

Finally, perhaps the most impactful is Mediar International’s use of Qlik’s multi-layer map. Medair is a key Qlik Corporate Responsibility partner, using Qlik across many initiatives including supporting refugees in Syria. Through multi-layer mapping, Medair uses analytics and geographic information to identify refugee settlements to better assess needs and pinpoint aid sourcing and distribution. With Qlik, Medair is able to retrieve and update settlement locations in real time using Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS, a registration system) and Open Data Kit (ODK, a data-collection tool). This enables faster response times and deployment of targeted assistance to refugees in need. Go here, for more on how Medair is combating the Syrian refugee crisis.

At Qlik we are committed to making an impact with data for every organization and continually strive to push analytics into new areas. There’s a lot to look forward to at this year’s Qonnections, you can find details around events and key sessions here. I’ll be bouncing around the event, running a few sessions and also sharing what I’m seeing on Twitter @joshdotbad. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

As we head into #Qonnections our own @joshdotbad takes a moment to recollect his favorite things from last year, and take a look at how they've impacted users.


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