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A transformation to fact-based decision making (from intuition and gut instinct) is occurring in Financial Services, we still have a long way to go though.

In fact, a recent study conducted by Qlik and Wall Street Journal Custom Studios found something a bit alarming…less than half of the Line of Business Leaders, department heads and managers have a high level of confidence that they are using data well:

We have all suffered long enough, haven’t we? The failures of traditional reporting, the inflexibility of BI stacks and dogmatic prevalence of manual spreadsheet work needs to be called out. Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results could even be considered insane!

Looking for an all-encompassing guide to #FinServ using #Qlik? We've got it right here!

To get started on understanding how Qlik’s modern analytics platform in changing the game, here are five resources we have developed for professionals in the Financial Services industry:

  1. Top 12 Financial Services Solutions with Qlik
    This is a collection of the most common solutions that we are seeing in the marketplace. There is no fluff in this document, these are real world solutions used to improve revenue, reduce cost, manage risk (and in most cases, do all three simultaneously).
  2. Resource Library with webinars, whitepapers and videos
    We have put on some great webinars recently and we are storing them in our Resource Library. Here you can find our collaboration with Wall Street Journal, Deloitte and Citigroup or see a demo of Moody’s Analytics solution using Qlik.
  3. Qlik Sense and QlikView Demo Site
    There are some great demos of QlikView and Qlik Sense on this site. We have designed them to specifically showcase Qlik’s unique & powerful set of capabilities. Keep an eye out as more demos are on the way.
  4. Qlik Community
    Sometimes the tools and videos don’t make it to these other areas and are just too good not to share. Here you will find additional demos, videos and write-ups by our team, our partners and our customers. It is a great place to share and learn; so sign up and follow this group. Keep an eye out for interesting posts about the Qlik Finance Toolkit, the Lending Club app, a Monte Carlo simulation model and an Insurance Claims Analytics app.
  5. My Qlik Cloud
    I have a collection of Financial Services-related demos using open data and demo data posted on my Qlik Cloud. These apps range from an analysis of Bank of America’s network of branches over a 15 year period to the entire set of consumer complaints collected by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

Send me an email to [email protected] if you would like access to the portfolio of demos on my Qlik Cloud account.

It’s easy to get started too, one option is to check out the Qlik Continuous Classroom where you can access a portfolio of free learning videos and materials.


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