6 CR Cities in September

September is a month which is heavy in Corporate Responsibility activity stemming from the global importance of the United Nations General Assembly. It is becoming more crucial each day for corporations and organizations to adopt responsible practices to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. When we come together and combine efforts to achieve these goals, we will build a world that works for everyone.

This September, I traveled to many cities to discuss efforts being made to put data at the forefront of important topics.

  • San Francisco, California, was my first stop to attend the ‘Cities4Climate: The Future is Us’ event hosted by our partner, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. It was an exciting event showcasing the innovative ways cities are cleaning the air we breathe and building healthier, more resilient communities. One statement that stuck with me was: “the future is data-driven” which served as a great start to multi-city tour.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, was my next stop to present the value of public and private partnerships at the Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT) conference hosted by the U.S. State Department. I presented the value partnership to advance the goals of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and demoed our data tool supporting the Joint External Evaluations (JEE) process. The JEE tool allows governments, ministers, private organizations, NGOs, and civil service entities to have a conversation based on a common platform of on-line and searchable data.
  • The next stop came at the ‘NGO Expo’ in New York City. The event helps nonprofit organizations foster positive relationships between corporations and the development sector to take steps toward achieving their social good mission. Qlik has multiple partners and solutions leveraging the power of data to drive solutions faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost. It was a privilege to share this experience with an enthusiastic audience doing incredible work around the globe.

Three more cities to go and we will never tire of talking about the value of data to build the world we want

  • In Washington D.C., Qlik partnered with Deloitte to host the 2018 Data Blitz with this year’s nonprofit partner, Mercy Ships. The challenge for the 2018 Data Blitz was to create a tool to help Mercy Ships determine the effectiveness and impact of the surgical services they provide through their hospital ship, The Africa Mercy. It was incredible to see the insights that Deloitte practitioners presented after working with the Mercy Ships data for just a few days!
  • London came as the next stop to support a Qlik-sponsored fundraising event at the famous cricket ground called The Oval. Londoners love their cricket! We’re happy to report also that many now know and love the incredible humanitarian work of Medair. Many thanks go out to the supporters who attended the event and will continue to support Medair’s award-winning work around the globe.
  • And finally, my home city Boston was the last stop to speak on a panel about ‘Data For Good’ put together for HubWeek 2018 by our partners at MIT Solve. HubWeek is an event showcasing the best in innovation and development to create a sustainable future for everyone. The work and focus of MIT Solve is great fit for the conference as they drive real-world solutions towards that goal.

Many companies are driving corporate responsibility and sustainability programs. What makes Qlik unique is that we are armed with a technology to bring data together to drive better decision making. Given this and because data touches everything, Qlik is positioned to drive sustainable change more than any other company. We believe that smart data-driven decisions are the key to building the world we want.

Lead with data and together we thrive.

@juliewhipplecsr highlights the uniqueness of Qlik and how we to bring data together to drive better decision making for all


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