2020: A Continuous Focus on Data and Analytics Innovation

Despite the challenges COVID-19 brought to the world this year, Qlik continued to innovate – integrating new capabilities directly to our core offerings in the areas of alerting, augmented analytics and conversational analytics. We also continued to enhance our solutions in the direction of making data less passive and more active, and made key acquisitions like Knarr Analytics and Blendr.io, continuing our journey of delivering a true end-to-end solution that enables Active Intelligence.

Active Intelligence enables clients to transform their business through a shared fabric of trusted, real-time data, collaborative analysis and actionable insights – using our cloud or any cloud you want – and it's where we’ll continue to lead the data and analytics industry forward. Here’s a sampling of key blogs from 2020 that touch on our continuous innovation.

Blendr.io Accelerates Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence is at the core of our data and analytics vision. With Active Intelligence, organizations have real-time, up-to-date data to trigger immediate action to accelerate business value across the entire data and analytics supply chain. Our October acquisition of Blendr.io helps us expand upon our Active Intelligence vision, as we keep pushing the industry toward greater accessibility, faster insights and continuous utilization of data and analytics for optimal business decision-making.

Social Data Literacy

In a world awash in conflicting social messages, social data literacy is more important than ever. And, with social data literacy, it’s critically important to consider context. People are unconsciously unskilled at communicating with data. This applies to our personal and professional lives. This ignorance creates an ethical issue that is profoundly important to all business and societal communities.

Welcoming Knarr Analytics

In August, Qlik acquired Knarr Analytics – an innovative start-up that provides real-time collaboration, sophisticated data exploration and insight capture capabilities – to complement Qlik’s cloud data and analytics platform. The real-time, multi-player collaboration of Knarr eliminates the barrier – the gap – between the data personas and analytics consumers. The acquisition also enables business users by supporting collaborative insights capturing, discussions and decision making. Decision making is the essence of analytics. It requires technologies like analytics data pipelines, cognitive engines and also collaboration. In the end, humans make decisions, which require deep collaboration and discussions with business-ready data.

Digital Business Wake-Up Call

One thing COVID-19 reinforced is the importance of data-driven decisions and the ability for making real-time decisions. To lead in the digital age, businesses needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Qlik Data Integration solutions enable a DataOps approach, vastly accelerating the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming, refinement and cataloging. Our analytics data pipeline innovations are taking the traditional data pipeline concepts to the next level to deliver not only analytics-ready data but real-time metrics, dashboards and actions.

We also made continuous improvements to the Qlik Cognitive Engine, mainly focusing on the system understanding the context and the reality of the “moment” with the input provided by humans. With the pandemic, it became even more clear how intertwined our lives are with AI, exposing a delicate codependence in which changes to our behavior changes how AI works, and how changes to how AI works changes our behavior. This is also a reminder that human involvement in automated systems remains key. The business logic layer added to the Qlik Cognitive Engine enables business analysts to easily provide necessary logic to the system for it to learn to generate accurate insights reflecting the business moment.

In addition to all of these, we also deepened our focus on delivering our SaaS offering, which drives down total cost of ownership for our customers.

Qlik is on a constant journey of learning, improving and innovation. It’s our credo to be ceaselessly engaged in finding out how to further our offerings to advance our position as a modernizer and change agent in the world of data and analytics.

As 2020 comes to a close, our @elif_tutuk shares some insights on how @qlik pushed the boundaries on #innovation this year

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