2019 Industry Solutions Review – Empowering the Data Revolution With Analytics

As more organizations work to harness the power of data, analytics is crucial to expanding their scope and unleashing new possibilities. From data democratization to automated insights, Qlik is shaping how many organizations across varied industries are addressing the demands of 3rd generation business intelligence. Below are some highlights of how Qlik furthered meaningful discoveries and drove insights across different industries in 2019.

Financial Services – The #DingerDash

“The #DingerDash” demonstrated how financial services analytical techniques can be leveraged to gather insights in other arenas, such as America’s favorite pastime: baseball. Paul Van Siclen, Qlik Director of Industry Solutions for Financial Services, showcased how Qlik dashboards can be used to read ‘Vintage Loss Curves’ and ‘Loss Triangle/Loss Development,’ giving readers a window into the simplicity and ease of use of Qlik in generating insights. The app provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how these use cases can help assess baseball statistics, with a focus on player performance. Readers benefit from a first-hand glimpse from loading data into Qlik and deriving key data points that lead to insights about hotly debated topics, such as the ‘Greatest of All Time’ home run hitters.

Healthcare – A Call to Action: Data to Solve Health Challenges

As more countries are dealing with increased long-term illness rates and the resulting strain on public resources, healthcare providers are in a race for solutions. According to a recent Public Health England study, the proportion of population aged 85+ is 2.7x greater than in 1971. With rising rates of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other high-demand conditions, nearly 70% of healthcare spending is tied to long-term morbidity issues.

"People and technology need to come together. Health and social care agencies need to come together. We need to use a data-driven approach that underpins decision making and early intervention approaches."

Sean Price, Qlik EMEA Industry Solutions Director, Public Sector and Healthcare

The application of data science techniques through Qlik has given providers, such as NHS West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust,the ability to evolve through data, be it with new insights into health diagnoses by population across a specified region, or the creation of a Population Health Portal. Price issued a call to action for more leaders to adopt collaborative leadership styles and to take a more “forensic analytical approach” to solve the issues at hand by leveraging the capabilities of Qlik Sense and GeoAnalytics.

Government Solutions – Predictive Analytics Saves Lives

Presenting another life-altering scenario, Sean Price also showcased the importance of sharing data and timely decision making in preventing crime. Avon and Somerset Police is enabling officers with data to be more proactive than reactive to crime. With the Qlik Offender Management app, data democratization has transformed the way 3,500 officers and staff save lives and support their local community. Speaking with GovInsider, Sean also highlights other instances where Qlik’s predictive analytics made a life-changing impact. By working with Hillingdon London Borough Council, for instance, Qlik combined data from multiple agencies to help 175 young people steer clear of crime and risky behavior. By analyzing “hard data,” such as crime rates, and “soft data” from social media posts, officers are better able to identify and prevent victims from falling into crime.

Retail – Falling in Love With Authenticity

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, it’s time, again, for retailers to question the age-old notion of the day being associated with red roses, chocolates and fancy dinners. Qlik’s post on the day gives retailers plenty to consider. With more and more consumers shifting spending habits, it’s vital for retailers to forecast their sales sensibly to prevent unsold inventories. Retailers will also have to showcase the value and effectiveness of their offerings and products in more innovative ways than before. From analyzing last-minute sales spikes to consumer behavior, our post details ways data can help retailers win their audience this Valentine’s Day.

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