2018 – The Year in Industry Solutions

From assessing school performance to cave rescue missions, and more

With Qlik, enterprises around the world are empowered to leverage the value of data and generate insights everyday. With analytics at the forefront, organizations are paving way to increase data literacy and improve curiosity driven exploration. Below are highlights from organizations that utilize Qlik to make meaningful discoveries to drive change across various industries.

Education Customer Spotlight – School District of Philadelphia Transforms Ability to Track Student Progress

The School District of Philadelphia was limited when it came to accessing performance and school accountability data. Often times, it would be up to 6 months after the end of the school year until they received data for the year. It left the district with insufficient time to act upon this data. The School District wanted real-time data in the hands of school principals to actively address issues and install solutions and turned to Qlik. With clear visualizations of data, principals suddenly had actionable solutions to align individual school and district goals to create multi-year plans.

Financial Services Spot the Odd One Out

Focusing on three unique examples of custom applications built through Qlik Sense, our ‘Spot the Odd One Out’ post highlighted examples of remarkable facts discovered by data analysis. The Lloyds of London City Risk Index application shows how much economic output 279 cities from around the world lose due to man-made and natural threats. It uncovered that cities with the highest risk to their GDP were located in Asia and the Indian-Sub Continent, where flooding is prominent. Chubb Insurance Company’s Cyber Index website revealed through Qlik Sense that between 2009 and 2017, the Education Industry has received almost 9 times more cyber-attacks than the financial services industry. The third revelation comes from an app based on a survey administered by the Wall Street Journal. It unveils the importance of analytical insights to customer-facing staff. With the use of this data, staff believe the benefits would include reducing customer churn as well as greater customer satisfaction. Qlik has helped the banks achieve improved customer service for many years.

Government What the Thai Cave Rescue Teaches Us About Outcome Prediction

On July 10th, 2018, the Wild Boars soccer team became trapped in the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand. In order to rescue the players and their coach from the cave, scenario after scenario was analyzed to determine how to best rescue the Wild Boars. Using Qlik and a machine learning platform called Celect, Brian Frutchey, Vice President at NuWave, identified Army resource and staffing models that could be used for conflicts in the future. Integrating this into the Thai Cave Rescue using 65 different data sources, Qlik and Frutchey were able to predict likely outcomes that were essential to preparing rescue missions to save the Wild Boars team.

Healthcare Balancing the Care

Being able to provide the right level of care while maintaining budget feasibility is one of the most pressing needs in healthcare facilities. Which is why Asbury Communities and Qlik developed the NHPPD (Nursing Hours per Patient per Day) Dashboard. Care provisions can face a wide array of fluctuations that can be affected by patient volume and issues nurses are dealing at a given moment. Serving over 3,800 residents, and about 2,000 associates the development of the NHPPD Dashboard was crucial. Being able to view patient census information alongside staffing levels in an automated system real-time allowed for better management to strategically plan and prepare shifts, while also capturing the larger financial picture. By effectively combining and analyzing data, the NHPPD dashboard enabled an automated and effective method of allowing managers to schedule staffing models and keep/forecast facility budgets; thus, allowing Asbury Communities to maintain a well-staffed and financially secure healthcare facility.

Retail – Delivering Excellent Customer Service – Analytics is key

Companies in the supply chain sector constantly adapting to the new norm of purchase: anytime, anywhere and delivery service – in some cases, within the same day. Companies are succeeding on this front by providing on-time delivery and exceptional product availability thanks to advanced analytics techniques, supply chain collaboration, and data literacy program. At Qlik, we see the importance of supply chain analyzation to understand the source of demand by using Geo-Analytics to determine new distributions and store needs. The key takeaway is to not restrict data sets and analysis. Collaboration is one of the biggest working gears of a supply chain. Enabling suppliers with access to supply chain data from across the organization drives insights and improvement. Ultimately, the result is faster and on-time deliveries which impacts customer satisfaction. Qlik places an emphasis on spreading data literacy and its importance amongst other skills. For future supply chain strategies to succeed, data must be at the forefront; it needs to be analyzed with understanding and confidence, and it is Qlik’s mission to help people and organizations achieve this.

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