2018 Mondial de la Moto

Paris Motor Show Attendees Take to the Qlik Bike in Support of Medair

The Paris Motor Show, or the Mondial de la Moto, is the most visited automobile event in the world, with over one million participants annually. Every October, automakers from across the world descend on Paris to show off the latest and greatest in four-wheeled technology and research. At this year’s event, Qlik had the opportunity to show off a new kind of engine – Qlik Core.

So, what exactly is Qlik Core?

For the uninitiated, Qlik Core is an analytics development platform built around the Qlik Associative Engine and Qlik-authored open source libraries. With Qlik Core, you can take advantage of the powerful Qlik engine to build, extend and quickly deploy custom interactive data-driven solutions for any environment, highly scalable and cloud-ready out of the box.

On display and available to passers-by at the event was our bike demo, which has been travelling the world the past year thrilling riders and raising money at events like Qonnections and at the United Nations. While riders pedaled on the bike and gained miles, data was collected on a dashboard powered by Qlik Core, which is embedded in a Raspberry PI IoT device attached to the bike. For every mile logged, Qlik made a donation to our partner, Medair –a global humanitarian organization dedicated to relieving human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and distressed communities. Thanks to Qlik Core, riders could see in real-time the impact they were making. The dashboard displayed each rider’s current speed, distance and average speed, along with a gamified aspect where they could compete against the top speed achieved by other riders, as well see the donation tally and how they impacted the amount raised. A scatter plot mapped each rider and the progress they made, in terms of top speed and kilometers traveled.

This live feedback instilled a sense of competition in riders, empowering them to ride farther and faster, turning healthy competition in to valuable donations for Medair. Collectively, Qlik raised more than $10,000 through our bike demo powered by Qlik Core. By leveraging analytics and the performance of Qlik Core we are enabling new ways to empower users to create experiences with data like never before.

We have taken our bike all over the world and at the Paris Motor Show we've enhanced it w/ Qlik Core.


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