2018 – A Year in Corporate Responsibility

From promoting transparency to supporting global sustainability development goals with data, explore key highlights from our CR efforts

At Qlik we have long been committed to taking environmental and socioeconomic issues seriously and solving them with data analytics. Through our program, we have led a number of initiatives around the world to combat issues such as climate change and humanitarian relief to enable the betterment of communities, environment and people. Below are some highlights on how we have leveraged Qlik to further sustainability goals in 2018.

Team Rubicon and Qlik

Beginning in 2017, Qlik and Team Rubicon have had a strong partnership surrounding data analytics and transparency. Accountability and transparency is part of the foundation of the organization, therefore Team Rubicon leveraged data analytics to drive forward their missions and organization. In 2018, Team Rubicon and Qlik are transforming the way the nonprofit sector reports data and value through complete transparency. By placing transparency at the forefront of their values, Team Rubicon is able to achieve their goals and serve those most in need facing obstacles resulting from natural disasters.

United Nations STI Forum

Leading into the half way point of 2018, Qlik was proud to have attended the United Nation’s third annual Science, Technology, and Innovation Forum – which focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals and identifying technological needs. Attendees from different UN agencies joined us to understand how our partnerships and data analytics can help make the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) a reality. We were also proud to have have our technology partner Mesure.io, demoing their in-ground smart sensor technology in a portable garden, and how predictive analytics and discovery engines enable smart decisions on environmental data.

C40 Cities and Qlik

We started off the year by using data to address climate change with C40 Cities. During the Qlik Hack Challenge at Qonnections, Qlik collaborated with the Greenovate Boston an initiative to get every Bostonian involved in eliminating pollution leading to climate change. The Hack teams focused on aggregating and combining data from multiple sources and across various formats. The hackathon and Late Night Lunacy events were the first formal initiatives in partnership with C40 Cities. As a partner to C40 Cities, we are bringing the power of analytics to the fight against climate change through engaging, actionable data applications for C40’s 96-member cities.

Medair and Qlik

Asides from the Medair and Qlik partnership being recognized as the most Innovative Collaboration; in August of 2018, eight Qlik employees were chosen to travel to Lebanon to see the impactful work Medair is conducting to resolve the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Our employees observed, learned and shared how data analytics is helping distributing aid and humanitarian assessments. By using data analytics, Medair has been able to increase their response time and distribute aid to refugees much quicker than before.

2018 Qlik Core Bike

Since the introduction of the Qlik Core Bike at Qonnections 2018 in April, our bike had been demoed at events across the world including the United Nations HQ in NYC, several global Qlik Data Revolution Tour events and even the “Mondial de la Moto” in Paris in October. With Qlik Core embedded in a Raspberry PI IoT device attached to the bike, data was collected on riders and the number of miles peadled. A dashboard displayed setup in front of the bike displayed each rider’s current speed, distance and average speed, encouraging other participants and bystanders to compete against the top speed achieved by other riders all while being able to view the donation tally and amount raised. The Core Bike was an hands on way to experience the power of Qlik all while helping raise money to support severage charities partners including WeSeeHope, Medair, Teleton, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the Japanese Red Cross.

We are proud to have been able to collaborate with non-profits, institutions and government bodies on such initiatives, and are looking ahead into 2019 to deepen our commitment to sustainability and making human level impact with data and analytics.

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