Introduction to Kafka Hadoop

Kafka and Hadoop are increasingly regarded as essential parts of a modern enterprise data management infrastructure. Hadoop is the more established of the two open source technologies, having become an increasingly predominant platform for big data analytics. Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming system that is emerging as the preferred solution for integrating real-time data from multiple stream-producing sources and making that data available to multiple stream-consuming systems concurrently – including Hadoop targets such as HDFS or HBase. A Kafka Hadoop data pipeline supports real-time big data analytics, while other types of Kafka-based pipelines may support other real-time data use cases such as location-based mobile services, micromarketing, and supply chain management.

Kafka Hadoop Pipelines the Easy Way

Enterprises wanting to tap into the power of Kafka and Hadoop face a crucial implementation challenge in replicating continuously changing data in diverse production systems and converting it into Kafka streams, from which it can be consumed by data lake Hadoop systems and other stream-consuming applications. With Qlik Replicate®, your organization can easily meet the challenges of implementing a multi-sourced Kafka Hadoop pipeline.

As a powerful enabling technology for Kafka Hadoop initiatives, Qlik Replicate is:

  • Simple to use. With Qlik Replicate, data architects and data scientists can implement real-time data flows that replicate changed data from databases and data warehouses and feed it to Kafka – without having to do any manual coding or scripting.

  • Agile. By reducing reliance on development staff, Qlik Replicate empowers the analytics team and enables it to easily adapt Kafka ingest processes in response to changing business requirements.

  • Versatile. Qlik Replicate delivers broad support for source database and data warehouse systems. In addition to supporting delivery of real-time changed data to Kafka for concurrent consumption by Hadoop and other stream-consuming applications, Qlik Replicate also supports bulk loading from source systems into a data warehouse Hadoop platform without using Kafka -- for use cases such as Oracle to Hadoop data migration, or mainframe to Hadoop data migration.

  • Dependable. Qlik Replicate is proven technology that has been adopted by thousands of data-driven enterprises worldwide.

Real-Time Database Streaming for Kafka

Kafka Hadoop Pipelines Without Straining Your Source Systems

While real-time data integration can deliver great value for analytics and streaming applications, if not done right it can also impose costs in the form of processing strain on the production database systems from which the data is being replicated. Qlik Replicate enables organizations to implement real-time Kafka Hadoop data stream without adding workload to source database systems. Leveraging an agentless change data capture (CDC) technology that works by reading transaction logs, Qlik delivers real-time data integration benefits without any degradation of production system performance.

By making it easier to integrate Kafka and Hadoop into your existing enterprise data infrastructure and by minimizing the costs and risks, Qlik helps you maximize your return on big data initiatives.

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