Qlik Enables Valuable Data Insights

Australian entertainment leader builds scalability and flexibility with self-service tools.


Of corporate resources empowered to use Qlik


Internal and external data sources into a single platform


Reporting and data visualization across the business


An abundance of data, but no visualization

As Australia’s largest theme park operator and a major film distribution and cinema operator, understanding and anticipating customer needs is vital for VRG.

Factoring in consumer behavior patterns across diverse offerings and locations—and then matching planning to meet demand—requires a sophisticated data strategy.

The company had decades’ worth of data, but its reporting processes were static, labor-intensive and inefficient. Parameters had to be defined weeks in advance, with an analyst then spending weeks gathering data and creating reports.


Connecting the data dots with Qlik Sense

VRG needed the scalability and flexibility of making data available with a single tool and to do that it needed self-service analytics. It was also interested in data democratization; even though it could extract the data it was still in the hands of a few, not available throughout its teams.

So, with a clear vision for what it wanted, VRG selected Qlik as its data visualization partner. Qlik’s data analytics solution includes a complete set of open application programming interfaces, enabling users to fully control and customize its solutions.


Delivering a competitive advantage

VRG now has access to self-service capabilities, with readily accessible interactive data dashboards for visualizations that can draw on the company’s historical and real-time data from 50+ internal and external data sources, including customer surveys.

Qlik is also supporting VRG to continuously evolve its approach to data technology and analytics. The journey from diagnostic to descriptive analytics is now maturing into predictive analytics. It also enables the growth scale and competitive advantage that VRG wants—how and when VRG wants it.


Exponential growth in data-driven value

Since onboarding Qlik Sense, VRG is firing at another level, with teams experiencing exponential growth in their ability to connect and generate value from data. The Film Distribution business has used it to examine how well previous titles have done and used those insights to inform future titles.

Meanwhile, it allows the Theme Parks division greater insight into quantitative and qualitative customer behavior—from what kinds of customers favor which venues to when they’re most likely to visit to what kind of tickets they prefer.

Qlik has taken us on a journey from diagnostic to descriptive analytics and now we’re maturing into predictive analytics. The benefits are so dramatic and obvious that we’re not even measuring them. It’s incredibly exciting.”

Arul Arogyanathan
Chief Information Officer, Village Roadshow Group

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