Openreach Builds a New Vision of Directive Data with Actionable Insights

Qlik ‘levels the playing field’, making a vital contribution to directing efforts and uplifting staff and operations.


Reduction in Ethernet delivery costs

Actionable insights have significantly improved both cost and service targets for the FTTP project.


Data team delivers unified service

A dedicated analytics team helps the business maximize the value it derives from Qlik.


Drive for efficiency and coordination

As the organization that builds and maintains the UK’s broadband and telephone infrastructure, Openreach operates on a huge scale. Delivering its national fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) upgrade project involves a relentless drive for streamlined processes and coordination.

Openreach saw that it lacked the centralized data and strategic reporting ecosystem that would address critical needs. This included efficient and consistent oversight and management, ensuring that its vehicle fleet was deployed effectively and sustainably to deliver a smooth FTTP roll-out.

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A unified and elevated landscape

Openreach replaced its spreadsheet-based reporting environment with Qlik Sense®, with the aim of putting reliable and consistent data and analytics into the hands of everyone who needs it. The unified and elevated data landscape created a clear uplift in data literacy.

This has led to the creation of the Openreach Data and Insight (ODI) team, which allows the business to streamline the reporting process further and switch from simply delivering insight to actively informing decisions and actions. It was a step change in Openreach’s Qlik deployment.


From insight to informed decisions

Actionable insights have allowed Openreach to cut delivery times for its high-speed Ethernet service by half, successfully meet regulatory obligations and significantly improve both costs and service targets for the FTTP project.

Openreach now uses Qlik extensively in its field engineering operations, ensuring that managers can track team performance effectively. The business is also using Qlik to present predictive analytics to senior leaders, providing year-end forecasts and the opportunity to carry out ‘what if’ analysis.

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Take the opportunity to rebuild

Reimagining a business’s approach to data doesn’t just have the potential to improve specific processes or save analysts’ time. Modernizing its reporting environment certainly gave Openreach a great opportunity to rebuild the data it needed to achieve specific business aims, but it also provided critical support for wider organizational change.

When used most effectively, businesses can evolve from having compelling data, reports and dashboards available in a single place to becoming increasingly directive – and effective – with the insights they deliver.

We want insight to jump out. We want people to look at a report and understand what’s important and what action to take. Qlik does that.”

Rich Hunt
Data and Insight Director, Openreach

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