Nortera Pioneers Agricultural Manufacturing Analytics and Automation With Qlik

Nortera works with Qlik Partner GINQO to implement Qlik Sense® and Qlik Cloud® across multiple locations.


Of dollars saved in water consumption

One Qlik dashboard now enables improved control of water consumption in processing plants.


Week saved each month

Switching from manual records to automated processes means tracking inventory flow is now quick and efficient.


Applications and counting

Nortera staff see the value of Qlik and how it’s enabling the business, bypassing the need for separate platforms.


Continuing a North American success story

Nortera produces and markets over 450,000 tons of ready-to-cook vegetables a year; buyers include retailers, food service operators and producers of prepared products.

Whether it’s optimizing factory operations and agriculture or handling HR tasks, data drives Nortera’s approach to critical processes. Nortera’s aim is to be a business intelligence (BI) leader in its industry; however, when it came to stepping up its data and analytics processes, Nortera needed a strong partner to support the implementation of its vision.


Building long-term partnerships

Nortera turned to GINQO, a Canadian Qlik Elite Partner. The two businesses share a passion for maximizing value from data; the result was Nortera not simply adopting Qlik Sense but embracing it.

Qlik Sense became the company’s official reporting tool in every department. While the main source is Nortera’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the company harvests data from 30 different software platforms.

Nortera’s ERP software now feeds data relating to supply, sales, inventory movements, shipments, purchasing, production and consumption.


New capabilities, new initiatives

Tracking allergens in warehouses. Optimizing waste management. Verifying that weights of packaged goods are within set parameters. Nortera’s use cases for Qlik are both broad and deep. Having over 550 Qlik users across the business means Nortera can significantly reduce licensing costs for other reporting software.

Switching to Qlik Cloud also gives Nortera new capabilities. The new Authoring Mode means Nortera staff can achieve ‘super user’ results without hours of training, while agricultural workers can access Qlik directly from the field.


A raft of business efficiencies

Turning a dream into reality can be the tricky part of a data-led strategy, and this is where Qlik Partners come into play. They can align with your vision and work with you to bring the power of data to your fingertips.

It’s a path that Nortera took and it’s delivered amazing results for the food producer. Qlik Sense is now present across its business, bringing new levels of efficiency and insight – and providing a solid foundation for yet more growth. It’s the kind of success that could be achieved across any company of any shape or size.

We decided to make Qlik the company's official reporting tool, not just for finance or sales – every department. The main data source is our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but we harvest data from 30 different software platforms.

Maryse Charbonneau
Business Intelligence Manager, Nortera
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