LOWA Switzerland Accelerates Analytics With Qlik Sense SaaS

Staff at a leading European footwear business can now access a single source of truth at the click of a button.


Not hours for analysis

Automated updates allow timely analysis and reports to be provided daily.


Understanding of data

A single source of truth ensures business-wide transparency.


Available analytics

Staff can access the same analysis to make effective and consistent decisions.


Time-consuming reporting

LOWA is one of the world’s major outdoor footwear manufacturers. Its shoes are exported to 80 countries exclusively from production sites in Europe, enabling the company to keep delivery times short and ensure consistent quality.

Retrieving data from its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and creating reports was very time consuming. LOWA needed a user-friendly solution enabling reliable, automated data with a high degree of flexibility for analysis and connectable data sources to support a planned new merchandise management ERP system.

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Sales and inventory analytics

LOWA opted for Qlik Sense® SaaS. Local BI specialist Informatec connected the data sources and made key adjustments to provide the data correctly for use in Qlik, before developing a range of sales and accounting applications.

Qlik applications are now also used in logistics and senior management and deliver vital insights into sales, including lists of bestsellers and how well each design is performing. The accounts department analyzes personnel data such as wages and absences in Qlik, as well as overviews for contribution margin accounting.


Higher speeds and a single source of truth

Qlik’s major advantage is its speed. With the click of a button, LOWA now has access to the latest data, while automated updates allow analysis and reports to be provided daily. Qlik acts as a central database, which also ensures that all staff work with the same data and that there is a common understanding and transparency.

Qlik is also set to be rolled out to the service department. A dashboard will make information available about the number and type of repairs required per shoe model, while a multi-year sales overview is also being planned.


Start with the end in mind

LOWA Switzerland is a great example of a business that wanted to keep a close eye on its data and the critical information contained within, focusing on outcomes rather than getting stuck in the weeds of acquisition and analysis.

Combining Qlik’s ease of use with expert advice and implementation support from a local partner was key to delivering a positive outcome. There is a wide network of Qlik Elite Solution Providers that can give your business the foundations it needs to pull data together and turn it into a high-value resource.

Qlik allows us to derive substantially more information from our ERP data for a fraction of the effort.

Daniela Kläusler
Marketing and Data Coordinator, LOWA Schuhe AG

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