Lekkerland Enjoys Faster Development with Qlik Gold Client

Qlik Gold Client facilitates the targeted, effortless transfer of test data.

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Minutes for data transfer

Huge volumes of complex data can be transferred quickly and precisely.


Week for implementation

The solution is easy to handle and can be used independently by solution consultants.


Customer solutions

The fast, comprehensive data generation and analysis provides support when advising customers.


Making development more agile

Lekkerland has been the food-to-go specialist for over 60 years. The company serves 41,800 points of sale and has around 3,700 employees in Germany alone.

The company attaches great importance to providing customers with customized solutions. Working with data and extensive data generation and analysis are crucial in this context, both for internal processes and when advising customers. The company therefore needed a solution that would afford it greater agility in the further development of its system.

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Obtain accurate, consistent data

Lekkerland’s test systems require consistent, up-to-date production data for quality assurance purposes and to test improvements or new developments. Carrying out quality assurance was itself a time-consuming and expensive process, which involved extracting data from the production system and then restoring it on the test system via a backup using the same data.

Qlik Gold Client® enables the precise selection and effortless transfer of data. This allows the team to work with accurate data during the early development stages, ensuring that team members gain greater knowledge and can respond more flexibly to innovations.

Flowchart showing a data migration process from a source production client to new target environments (Development, QA, Production) through a repository, with users, security, and configuration transfers.


Better availability, security and quality

This solution improves the availability, security and quality of data and increases development productivity. At the same time, the accelerated production process reduces costs.

Qlik Gold Client is able to identify correlations within data sets using the document flow and to copy and read individual adjustments, resulting in higher quality software products.

Solution consultants can work independently with Gold Client, meaning that work can be organized in a more decentralized and modular fashion.

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Efficient, secure data management

At Lekkerland, the use of Qlik Gold Client allows SAP test data to be managed more efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. The resource-intensive test environment has been reduced. The fast and flexible handling shortens software production time while also improving quality, thanks to the ability to generate individualized data sets and process complex data. This enables the company to provide a rapid, high-quality response to individual customer requirements.

Diagram showing data flow from a "Production" database to four destinations: "SAP HANA Sandbox," "QA," "Training," and "Development" databases, with a lock icon on the "Training" database.
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Qlik Gold Client solves a major problem typically encountered in SAP systems: size and complexity. The solution allows us to select data precisely, transfer it to the test environment and start testing immediately.

Philipp Verbeek
Test Manager, Lekkerland

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