Driving Excellence Through 3,000 KPIs

IndianOil combines AI/ML capabilities with Qlik Sense to bring data to 10,000 users.


KPIs tracked across the organization


Time saving for IS staff


Regular users


Embracing digital transformation

In a business the size of IndianOil, even small changes can make big differences to efficiency and performance. Managing opportunities is a substantial task in itself.

IndianOil’s flagship i-DRIVE project identified digital gaps in IndianOil. It saw the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) at an early stage but highlighted how data produced by digitization initiatives was siloed, hard to manage and underused. IndianOil needed a platform to acquire all this data, process it and present results in an engaging format.


Simple architecture, complex tasks

IndianOil migrated to Qlik Sense to act as its user-facing visualization window for many of the initiatives introduced through i-DRIVE. Qlik offers a simple architecture capable of handling highly complex tasks, and key stakeholders at IndianOil appreciate its effectiveness as a solution.

Ease of use and adoption was another critical factor. IndianOil’s Information Systems (IS) department facilitated training for adoption across the organization. IndianOil now has around 150+ ‘power users’ and 10,000 regular users in a broad range of roles.


Use cases extend from production to board level

The use cases are multiple and diverse. Tasks handled by IndianOil’s growing suite of applications, which leverage AI/ML capabilities and demand dashboards, range from catering to board-level strategic decisions. Qlik delivers insights into customer behavior, IndianOil’s critical supply chain, inventory management and the performance of equipment and machinery.

Adding to the efficiencies are Qlik’s self-service capabilities, which allow users to define their own parameters, build their own dashboards and access custom analytics and insights.


Custom insights with rapid responses

Qlik dashboards allow users to visualize how markets and strategies are changing and develop innovative responses there and then. Analytics processes at IndianOil that previously took hours can now be completed in minutes, while energy-saving initiatives enabled by Qlik are also delivering impressive financial results. From the Chair and the board to production staff, Qlik is delivering high-value insights quickly and effectively.

IndianOil can now invest more time in predictive analysis and discovering new technologies, inventions and ideas.

Our next step is to work more with refinery operations on process optimization, pricing mechanisms, project monitoring and CRM. All these processes will utilize Qlik."

Ms. Sukla Mistry
Director (Refineries), IndianOil

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