Carrefour Romania Increases Development Speeds by 75% With Talend Data Fabric

New data environment enables European retail giant to develop and enhance processes across the business.


Development time improvement

Reusable artefacts and components accelerate development speeds for key new initiatives.


Separate data flows

Integrations with a broad range of data sources and storage formats give Carrefour Romania a high-value resource.


Stores connected

Sales terminals across Carrefour Romania’s broad network of stores now supply critical data quickly and easily.


The need for a common, flexible environment

Carrefour operates around 14,000 stores worldwide and is enjoying particularly strong growth in Romania with more than 400 stores of various sizes and formats.

When Carrefour Romania embarked on its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project, it envisaged multiple benefits from using a public cloud service, including faster delivery of new customer offerings. However, most of its data storage facilities were on-premises, either in stores or local data centers. While this gave the business stability, capacities were limited and structures excessively complex.


Prebuilt connectors accelerate implementation

Carrefour Romania saw that Talend Cloud Data Fabric was the tool it needed to turn multiple, disparate sources of data into a high-speed, high-value resource.

Critical to the choice was the extensive range of prebuilt connectors available within Talend and the decentralized architecture it offered, as was Carrefour Romania’s collaboration with local consultancy btProvider.

Carrefour Romania now has around 50 separate flows operated either by btProvider or other partners. Sources include BigQuery, PostgreSQL and Carrefour Romania’s ERP solution.

Approach with Talend Data Fabric


New levels of integration

The new data environment has enabled Carrefour Romania to develop and enhance processes across the business. Successful projects this environment enables cover key areas such as metal and plastic recycling, e-transport and digital transfers of accounting data to auditors.

Carrefour Romania’s marketing operation can now build out the Act for Good customer loyalty program, using high-speed data access to develop personalized customer promotions and incentives. Near-real-time synchronization of prices and stock availability are also improving the customer experience.


A reliable, capable and powerful platform

The broad range of integrations and use cases that Carrefour Romania has been able to build with Talend and btProvider illustrates the speeds of development that are available to any business.

Siloed and disparate data sources don’t have to be insurmountable obstacles. With Talend, businesses of all sizes and sectors can turn them into powerful assets that deliver tangible value and impressive results. As with Carrefour Romania, it can also act as a springboard for a host of other exciting digital initiatives and accelerated processes.

We achieved everything we initially set out to with Talend, but the roadmap is always growing. Talend will be a big part of our future initiatives.

Catalin Sava
Chief Enterprise Architect, Carrefour Romania

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