Ather Energy Harnesses the Power of Data

Electric scooter business accesses meaningful analysis to enable greater experiences.


Platform consolidates data from multiple systems


Status updates replace weekly reports


Sessions per month and growing


Analysis and management of big data

Bengaluru-based Ather Energy is India’s third-largest manufacturer of electric scooters, with two dedicated manufacturing plants and the country’s largest fast-charging network. A key challenge is making sense of high volumes of customer and product data, sourced from vehicles in operation, its charging grid and other business lines.

The business also looks to data and high-value analytics to generate meaningful insights that inform decisions. It recognized that teams needed access to an analytics tool that was intelligent, integrated and insightful.


A transformative journey

With Qlik and India-based Qlik Partner Diagonal Consulting, Ather Energy began a transformative journey in data analysis.

Various data-collection touchpoints – which can reach millisecond-levels of granularity – allow Ather Energy to take a deep-dive view of complex supply-chain issues and customer behavior. Together with Diagonal, this process is simplified with Qlik’s customized dashboards and advanced capabilities. Led by Diagonal, Ather Energy was able to optimize its reporting processes with Qlik NPrinting and ensure database connections were secure and accessible with Qlik Data Gateway.


Determining plans, informing decisions

Qlik’s ability to generate near-real-time reports has delivered a significant time-saving benefit for Ather Energy, replacing a practice that took weeks to complete. Qlik’s intuitive interface means staff can hit the ground running and monthly usage numbers have reached around 30,000 sessions.

Staff also have immediate insights into sales, inventory and stock levels of spare parts and accessories. Teams can project sales efficiently and discussions that once took place weekly are now daily events that determine plans and inform decisions.


Consolidating data for improved productivity and revenue

Having a single platform to analyze and integrate data has allowed Ather Energy to extend the benefits to multiple areas of its operations, including customers, vehicles, retailers, charging processes and the grid network.

Ather Energy is using the transparency offered by Qlik to further its quest for innovation, with feature expansions enabling the business to deepen its understanding of data and the meaningful insights it delivers. Qlik is now set to play a vital role in driving growth for Ather Energy, both in India and internationally.

To deliver exceptional experiences, it is imperative to understand every single detail about our customers. That level of understanding can only come from how we collect and consume data.”

Ankit Mogra
Head of Insights & Analytics, Ather Energy

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