With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for citizens of the European Union (EU), enterprises everywhere are evaluating a broad range of compliance measures – and SAP GDPR compliance is at the top of the list.

GDPR is a set of personal privacy laws that gives EU citizens explicit control over the use of their personally identifiable information (PII) when it is used by organizations and their partners anywhere. EU citizens must implicitly agree to specific uses of their PII, and they can opt out of any activity and require companies to delete all their PII by taking advantage of the “right to be forgotten.” Fines for failure to comply with may be as high as 4% of a company’s global revenue.

While GDPR compliance can be challenging for organizations at a number of levels, SAP GDPR compliance is especially difficult. Many of the world’s largest enterprises use Sybase SAP applications and SAP data for business-critical operations. From ECC and HR to CRM and Finance, SAP applications contain much of the data that capture, use and analyze – including the personal information of EU citizens that is now regulated by the GDPR.

The ability to anonymize and/or delete individual customer records is key to SAP GDPR compliance. That’s where Qlik Gold Client® can help enterprises.

Achieving SAP GDPR compliance with Qlik Gold Client

Qlik Gold Client is software solution that streamlines and improves SAP test data management by reducing enterprise storage requirements, improving the quality and availability of data, restoring development integrity and reducing security risk for SAP environments.

Qlik Gold Client can also be invaluable in helping enterprises to ensure SAP GDPR compliance by providing the capabilities for anonymization and deletion that GDPR requires. With Qlik Gold Client, administrators can anonymize PII as it is exported to any non-production SAP environment to ensure that no one has unauthorized or unnecessary access to it. Administrators can also flexibly configure the deletion, blanking out or scrambling of individual customer records or data fields.

Benefits for SAP GDPR compliance

With Qlik Gold Client, organizations can more easily achieve SAP GDPR compliance by:

  • Minimizing the risk that PII will be used in non-compliant ways.
  • Erasing or obfuscating PII to comply with customers’ right to be forgotten.
  • Synchronize anonymous procedures across all SAP modules.
  • Simplify reporting on SAP GDPR compliance.

In addition to solutions for SAP GDPR compliance, Qlik provides an SAP ETL tool that can accelerate SAP analytics, and technology for easier SAP Hana integration. Other solutions from Qlik’s Data Integration Platform enable data ingestion for Hadoop, data warehouse automation, enterprise data replication, cloud data migration and data ingestion to publish and subscribe messaging platforms.


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