Deliver Real-time Data and Automate Transformation To Virtually Any Cloud

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Deliver, transform, and unify enterprise data in real-time for nearly every analytics, ML or digital transformation initiative.

Real-time Data Movement

You can replicate data from on-premises or cloud sources into Qlik Cloud and other leading cloud data platforms. And automatically and continuously ingest data without the need for job scheduling or scripting. Data is updated without manual intervention. Qlik Cloud supports:

  • Real-time movement from all enterprise sources including relational databases, SAP, mainframe and SaaS applications

  • Leading cloud data platforms targets such as Snowflake Data Cloud, Azure Synapse, Google Big Query and Databricks are supported

  • Point-and-click data pipeline configuration for rapid deployment

Qlik Cloud Real-time Data Movement Dashboard Snippet

Data Transformation 

Quickly turn raw transaction records into consumption ready data via automatically generated, push down SQL. Our no-code interface helps you create reusable transformation pipelines that intelligently conform data to dimensional models or custom formats. 

  • Simple transformations – Use the no-code interface to add table based transformation rules such as column renaming, data filtering and standardization

  • Advanced transformations – Use the data modeling interface to automatically generate star schema data marts in the target data warehouse

  • Custom SQL – Add your own SQL to the pipeline when custom transformations are required

  • Third-party data transformation – Transform data ingested by third-party tools or shared within a data warehouse or data lake

Qlik Cloud no-code interface Snippet

Qlik Application Automation®

The no-code visual editor lets you easily create workflows that streamline and optimize data and analytics. You spend less time programming back office tasks, so you have more time for data analysis.

  • Embed integrations to other applications directly in your Qlik Sense® application and trigger context aware downstream processes

  • Simplify SaaS integrations through drag and drop of smart blocks to build powerful workflow logic without the need to understand low level APIs

  • Increase analytics DevOps productivity by easily orchestrating both your tenant administration and Qlik Sense app development tasks

 Qlik Application Automation® no-code visual editor snippet

Catalog and Lineage

Fully understand and actively monitor the lifecycle of data regardless of source or end-user analytics environment. It ensures you can expand data and analytics access, drive greater confidence in the resulting metrics and KPIs, and accelerate modernizing and migrating analytics to the cloud.

  • Track lineage throughout each dataset, to understand its origin, evolution, and meaning

  • Generate field level profile statistics, apply personalized tags, properties, and business metadata

  • Quickly and easily search, find, preview, and select business ready data, apps and other Qlik objects

Catalog and Lineage dashboard snippet

Superior Data Architecture

Enjoy scalability, security, and maintenance advantages versus traditional integration and iPaaS solutions:

  • Secure point-to-point data transfer – Ensure low data latency and maximum data availability with Live Views and secure point-to-point replication architecture 

  • Agentless data gateway – Ensure that no extra overhead or security attack vector is added to your production data systems with our data replication architecture

  • Data architecture agnostic – Create pipelines that can be seamlessly integrated into any data architecture including hub, fabric, or mesh

Qlik Superior Data Architecture Diagram

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