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Gartner 2018 Qlik Promo
Analyst Report
We do things differently so you can, too. See why Gartner named Qlik a leader for the 8th year in a row.
BARC BI Survey 2017
Analyst Report
BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest survey of BI users. Read why users top ranked Qlik in 12 key categories of its peer groups, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Project Success, and much more.
us promo qlik 2018 bi trends
How do successful companies leverage their data, people, and ideas as strategic assets in today's dynamic business environments? By freeing them from their silos and connecting them in innovative ways to drive powerful insights. We've identified 11 emerging trends for 2018 that make this possible, so you can begin to transform your business.

Qlik for Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Management

The Financial reporting process is often labor and time intensive due to multiple systems and data complexity. Qlik visual analytics integrates up-to-date information from these systems seamlessly, and offers users the ability to explore, analyze, and speed up the reporting process, while reducing financial burden. Solution data sheet - Qlik for Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet Management. Covers the business challenge, key product capabilities, and value propositions for the solution.


Customs and International Trade Data Sheet

This Data Sheet explores analytics use cases for customs agencies--cargo clearance, revenue management and trade compliance and enforcement


Customs and Border Protection Data Sheet

This datasheet explores the common use cases for analytics within the U.S. Customs and Border Agency as it relates to international trade. Specifically it addresses cargo clearance, revenue management, and trade compliance and enforcement.


Qlik for Supply Chain Merchandise Management

Retail, wholesale, and consumer products organizations continue to face unprecedented pressure to maximize their return on inventory investments. Supply chains are growing in complexity, with an influx of both internal and external data and a demand for more-responsive relationships with consumers who can choose to interact across multiple sales channels. Qlik for Merchandise Management apps empowers individuals and groups to make faster and more informed decisions.


Qlik for Supply Chain Warehousing and Distribution Data Sheet

Warehousing and distribution processes require the management of both assets and data to ensure that end products and semi-finished goods are available where and when required. Qlik for Warehousing and Distribution apps empower individuals and groups to make faster and better informed decisions.


Qlik for Supply Chain Transportation, Storage, and Logistics Data Sheet

Providing storage and transportation for goods involves managing both assets and information, and can account for more than 30% of the cost of goods produced in some industries. As supply chains become more global, the shipment of goods and material can span continents and oceans. Logistics management must consider complex transportation modes including truck, rail, boat, and pipeline. Qlik for Transportation, Storage, and Logistics apps empower individuals and groups to make faster and better informed decisions.


Qlik for Supply Chain Sourcing and Supplier Performance Data Sheet

Strategic collaboration with suppliers drives efficiencies in the supply chain reducing cost while improving quality and delivery performance. Purchasing professionals need access to supplier data to plan and execute effectively. Providing visibility to suppliers around key performance indicators such as on time shipments and perfect order fulfillment and holding them accountable will drive compliance. Qlik for Sourcing and Supplier Performance apps empower individuals and groups to manage complex supplier relationships to the benefit of all parties.

Analyst Report

The BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms positions Qlik as a Market Leader

The BARC Score is a comprehensive vendor evaluation by BARC analysts providing a clear overview of enterprise BI platforms. Read why Qlik is positioned as a Market Leader in this report.

On-Demand Webinars

Go Big or Go Home: Using Big Data Analytics to Your Advantage

During this session you will hear from industry specialists who will show you how an agile and visual big data platform can empower your organization to leverage the vast sea of data that is available, including IoT data from sensors and devices.

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Qlik Sense® Desktop Quick Reference Guide

This is a quick guide to help users get started with Qlik Sense Desktop Content Creator.

Datasheets / Brochures

Qlik GeoAnalytics Offerings Comparison

Table showing the differences and similarities between Qlik GeoAnalytics, Qlik GeoAnalytics Plus and Qlik GeoAnalytics Enterprise Server.

Datasheets / Brochures

Qlik and Connectivity

The Qlik platform allows you to understand the whole story by providing real-time connectivity to almost any data source with a comprehensive range of connectors, open APIs, file formats and external data services. Qlik empowers users to fully leverage the wealth of data contained in existing applications and databases as well as allowing them to share and collaborate their findings with other users throughout the enterprise. By accessing and combining disparate data together, Qlik ensures that everyone can get secure, up-to-date, role-specific insight into exactly the information they need when they need it to support holistic, data-driven decision-making.