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BARC BI Survey 2017
Analyst Report
BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest survey of BI users. Read why users top ranked Qlik in 12 key categories of its peer groups, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Project Success, and much more.
Qlik White Papers
White Paper
Learn about good practices using the Qlik Sense® standard User Interface to create Visual Analytics applications.
Forrester Wave 2017 Qlik
Learn about the changing landscape of the enterprise BI platform in this Forrester Wave report. Read why Qlik was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™.
Datasheets / Brochures

Department of Homeland Security

Analytics helps strengthen operations at DHS, enabling the department to meet their mission. From deterring terrorist attacks and safeguarding national borders to responding to major emergencies and disasters, data discovery supports these efforts by support these efforts by improving access and insight into the department’s vast data repository.

Datasheets / Brochures

Analytics for Government Accounting & Finance

Improve your agency's financial management with dynamic applications for forecasting, budgeting and financial planning. See how Qlik® can enable you to quickly respond to the latest congressional mandates--from FITARA to the DATA Act and beyond.

Datasheets / Brochures

Analytics for Federal Procurement

Qlik® helps agencies put their data to work, helping to make more informed purchasing decisions, accurately forecast demand, and identify potentially risky suppliers.

Technical Briefs

Qlik Sense Extranet Deployment Technical brief

This document provides an overview of the capabilities of Qlik Sense® to deploy analytics to employees and non-employees outside of the corporate network. With Qlik Sense, it is possible to deliver valuable analytics via many devices, and this document illustrates the technical considerations and capabilities commonly employed to deploy Qlik Sense securely.

On-Demand Webinars

Look Deeper into Data Using Set Analysis

Sometimes you need to look from another angle to get a better—more complete—perspective. The same is true for your data. With Set Analysis you can restrict metrics to a specific set of data, define conditions, and ignore selections, enabling a deeper dive into the information in front of you. You'll see how the expression leverages data already loaded into Qlik® with demonstrations that work in both QilkView® and Qlik Sense®. Join us for Look Deeper into Data Using Set Analysis.

Datasheets / Brochures

The Associative DifferenceTM : Freedom from the limitations of query-based tools

Simply put, SQL queries and relational databases were not designed for modern analytics. This Datasheet highlights the benefits of Qlik's Associative Engine and technology over query-based BI solutions that limit exploration and leave data behind.


Qlik NPrinting: Architecture and Scaleability

Qlik NPrinting 17 is Qlik's next-generation reporting and distribution solution for Qlik Sense® and QlikView®, helping organizations spread knowledge and insight by creating and distributing great looking reports in various document formats.

This Qlik NPrinting whitepaper details the architecture and addresses scaling across user demand and report delivery with performance benchmark results and deployment examples.


Enhancing Patient Data to Drive Preventive Care

Providers around the globe have significantly reduced healthcare utilization and improved outcomes. They are using data to address chronic conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases.

Read Qlik's latest infographic to learn how healthcare organizations are enhancing patient data to drive preventive care.

On-Demand Webinars

Advanced Analytics for Today’s Data-Driven Insurer

There is a lot of buzz around the potential for analytics to give insurers an advantage in everything from pricing to fraud detection. Although most insurance leaders understand this, questions persist about whether the businesses they run are fully harnessing both internal – and external – data to its full potential.

Insurance Post partnered with Qlik® to host a panel discussion which addresses several key issues about the power of analytics.


Qlik's Associative Model

The associative model whitepaper includes information on associative model functionality, competitive differentation, QIX engine, customer testimonials, and value propositions for the business user.


Discover more value in your IoT data

Learn more about the internet of things ecosystem. Download this whitepaper to get more value from your IoT data.

Datasheets / Brochures

Qlik and Big Data

Qlik® solutions help organizations drive higher ROI from their Big Data investments by ensuring that the value of Big Data isn't restricted to only elite data scientists. Instead, Qlik empowers every user across the organization to collaborate together to make sense out of Big Data.