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Analyst Report
We lead in our industry so you can lead in yours. See why Gartner named Qlik a Leader for the 9th year in a row.
The BI Survey 2019
Analyst Report
Learn why BI users voted Qlik #1 for customer experience and performance satisfaction in the world’s largest BI survey in the large international BI vendors peer group.
Qlik eBook - 2020 Data & BI Trends
The data and BI landscape is changing – fast. What’s next, and how will it impact you? In this eBook, Qlik® reveals the most important emerging trends.
On-Demand Webinar

Qlik Customer Spotlight: Volvo Construction Equipment Haulers Ltd

Join us to hear from Volvo Construction Equipment Haulers Ltd, manufacturer of off-highway articulated and rigid dump trucks, as they share how Qlik® has enabled them to:

  • Build on their core values of safety, quality and the environment
  • Significantly reduce the manual overhead of data consolidation and reporting, replacing spreadsheets with automated dashboards
  • See the real-time status of operations, so they can prioritize the business areas that need attention

Hear more about Volvo Construction Equipment Haulers Ltd’s journey with Qlik in our webinar, including how they delivered return on investment (ROI) in the first three months. Get inspired, and discover what’s possible when you lead with data.

Technical Brief

Qlik Analytics Platform Technical Brief

Visual analytics should allow you to discover every possible connection within your data. And our vision of analytics for everyone goes beyond just self-service to deliver technology, resources, and support for developers building visual analytic solutions for consumers. We don’t limit the possibilities for what the greater visualization and app-building community can imagine. Qlik Analytics Platform puts the power of the Qlik Associative Engine and visualizations in the hands of application developers. Through open and modern APIs, you can easily and flexibly embed Qlik powerful visual analytics capabilities right into your own applications.


Qlik Customer Success Brochure

Our Qlik Customer Success organization offers world-class expertise and guidance at the precise moment you need it, from the moment you decide to purchase and every day going forward, to make sure you get the most out of your investment. As a true partner and thought leader, we are committed to extending an innovative, fully SaaS-enabled product road map with best practice services that ensure your business strategies stay ahead of the competition’s. And by packaging these services directly with your software subscription, we will simplify our relationship and help you fully realize the business outcomes you deserve.


Qlik Consulting Data Sheet

Our Qlik Consulting team maximizes the value of your Qlik investment with a complete portfolio of technical and business services — all delivered by our experts working alongside yours through every step of your analytics journey. Whether you are new to Qlik, migrating from QlikView® to Qlik Sense®, still planning your analytics strategy, or interested in improving the way your current applications look and feel, we can help you get what you need to uncover the best insights from your data.


Qlik Academic Program Brochure

Our Qlik® Academic Program meets personal and professional needs, giving students and professors must-have resources to succeed. Both take advantage of the most up-to-date data analytics curriculum, education, training, and platform. Our program extends to qualified university professors, students, and researchers interested in discovery and generating insights using free Qlik software and resources to become the next generation of experts leading with data.


Qlik for Executives Data Sheet

Executives work hard to prioritize the noise of voices that place demands on their time and resources. From the board to the executive team to employees, executives are under constant pressure to please a variety of different stakeholders. Great leaders hire the best and let them run. Qlik empowers your employees to work more efficiently, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing your teams are focusing on what matters most.


Qlik Embedded Analytics White Paper

Whether you are in IT or a product owner considering embedding analytics as a part of an internal application or a commercial offering this paper will provide a framework for evaluating and delivering a successful embedded analytics solution. Learn more about Qlik's platform key differentiators for addressing your embedded requirements and the ability to accommodate with a portfolio of powerful, proven and open APIs that provide developers with access to visualizations, security, data connectors and the market-leading Qlik Associative Engine.

Analyst Report

How to Drive Data Literacy in the Enterprise

Digital world leaders will emerge from the enterprises embracing and extending analytics throughout their organizations. But low data literacy is holding many teams back. And stalling digital transformation initiatives. Without data literacy, leaders can’t thrive in today’s analytics economy nor can they drive any sort of cultural change toward leading with data across their organizations.


Customer Success: Our New Imperative

Customer success may seem like an obvious concept because it’s essential to doing business. What company doesn’t want its customers to be successful with its products? Yet customer success is a relatively new and rising corporate discipline – something many organizations don’t have a good handle on.


Qlik GeoAnalytics®

Learn how Qlik GeoAnalytics goes beyond comprehensive mapping capabilities to include built-in support for a broad range of advanced geoanalytic use cases that can help reveal crucial geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships. Watch the GeoAnalytics product tour.


The Top 4 ROI Areas for Data-Driven Transformation

Every company is now a data company. This executive brief will empower you to reimagine processes and find new business opportunities by giving you the essential tools for transformation.


Qlik Associative Difference White Paper

Qlik’s one-of-a-kind associative technology sets it apart from all other BI solutions on the market. This white paper provides an overview of that technology and the value that only Qlik® can deliver. It also outlines the differences between the Qlik Associative Engine and query-based BI tools, and it explains how Qlik enables users of all skill levels to improve the effectiveness of their analysis and achieve a deeper, more complete understanding of their data.