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Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020
Analyst Report
Searching for a proven solution? Qlik has been recognized as a Leader for the 10th year in a row.
The BI Survey 2019
Qlik continues to rise to the challenge of data integration. See why we were recognized by Gartner yet again.
Qlik eBook - 2020 Data & BI Trends
The data and BI landscape is changing – fast. What’s next, and how will it impact you? In this eBook, Qlik® reveals the most important emerging trends.

Qlik for Revenue and Profitability Management

Qlik unlocks the power of information for revenue and profitability management and helps transform business by providing decision makers with a complete multi-dimensional view of their product portfolio. Look to drive growth, increase margins through reduced slippage, reduce risk from low margins, and reduce risk from under-performing revenue streams. Solution data sheet - Qlik for Revenue and Profitability Management. Covers the business challenge, key product capabilities, and value propositions for the solution.


Qlik Data Integration Solutions for Google Cloud Platform

Learn how Qlik data integration solutions help you accelerate data replication, ingestion, and streaming across all major database, data warehouse, data lake and legacy platforms on premises and in the cloud. Used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Qlik data integration solutions help you get more value from the Google Cloud Platform easily, securely and efficiently.


Strengthen Your GDPR Compliance in SAP Environments

Learn how Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client) helps implement one of the key requirements for GDPR, which is the anonymization and/or deletion of individual customer records.

Customer Story

Mercedes-Benz Saves 25 Man-Days Annually on QA Refreshes With Qlik Gold Client™

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service for all Mercedes-Benz and Maybach products in the United States. "After thoroughly investigating its options, Mercedes-Benz determined Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client) would best fit their needs, allowing data selection on virtually any parameters developers needed between full refreshes. It would also allow the company to keep costs down by utilizing existing infrastructure rather than purchasing new servers.


Solution Sheet: Integrating Mainframe Data with Big Data Platforms

Mainframes have been used for over 50 years by large enterprises to manage valuable and sensitive data. But today’s enterprises need to integrate mainframe data into modern, data driven, analytical business processes and the environments that support them.

Qlik Replicate™ (formerly Attunity Replicate) software provides an efficient and cost effective way to bring mainframe data into a modern analytics environment using change data capture (CDC) technology for DB2, VSAM, and IMS. Qlik Replicate provides low-latency and low-impact data integration for mainframe databases. With Qlik Replicate, you can extract mainframe data efficiently in real-time and deliver it to a data warehouse, Hadoop data lakes or Apache Kafka.


Qlik Sense and Microsoft

Qlik Sense offers built-in connectivity to a large and growing number of Microsoft products and services. This gives your organization more freedom and flexibility by allowing users to easily combine internal or on-premise information with cloud-based data sources.

Customer Story

Mentor Graphics Achieves Safe Harbor Objectives and Reduces Refresh Requirements with Qlik Gold Client™

As a worldwide leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, Mentor Graphics Corporation employs approximately 4,700 people with over 70 offices worldwide. In 2010, Mentor made the decision to add an additional layer of security in its SAP system to further address Safe Harbor. Utilizing Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client), they successfully implemented a new solution within 90 days.


10 Ways Qlik Outperforms Tableau - And Always Has

Since the beginning, Qlik has delivered more robust, reliable, innovative, and user-friendly business intelligence. See 10 ways that Qlik outperforms Tableau, and why it always has.


Qlik for Supply Chain Sourcing and Supplier Performance Data Sheet

Strategic collaboration with suppliers drives efficiencies in the supply chain reducing cost while improving quality and delivery performance. Purchasing professionals need access to supplier data to plan and execute effectively. Providing visibility to suppliers around key performance indicators such as on time shipments and perfect order fulfillment and holding them accountable will drive compliance. Qlik for Sourcing and Supplier Performance apps empower individuals and groups to manage complex supplier relationships to the benefit of all parties.


Qlik Catalog™ for Snowflake

Together, Snowflake and Qlik Catalog™ (formerly Qlik Data Catalyst) deliver a powerful solution that can empower your business by simplifying and accelerating the delivery of trustworthy, actionable data in just days. With on-demand access to analytics-ready data, you accelerate discovery and people get answers faster.


Qlik for Supply Chain Executive Insights Data Sheet

Qlik and the partner community have built a number of 'Apps' to address and demonstrate capabilities related to this supply chain solution area. Qlik for Executive Insights apps empower individuals and groups to make faster and better informed decisions


Qlik GeoAnalytics Offerings Comparison

Table showing the differences and similarities between Qlik GeoAnalytics, Qlik GeoAnalytics Plus and Qlik GeoAnalytics Enterprise Server.