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BARC BI Survey 2017
Analyst Report
BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest survey of BI users. Read why users top ranked Qlik in 12 key categories of its peer groups, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Project Success, and much more.
Qlik White Papers
White Paper
Learn about good practices using the Qlik Sense® standard User Interface to create Visual Analytics applications.
Forrester Wave 2017 Qlik
Learn about the changing landscape of the enterprise BI platform in this Forrester Wave report. Read why Qlik was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™.
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Qlik GeoAnalytics Offerings Comparison

Table showing the differences and similarities between Qlik GeoAnalytics, Qlik GeoAnalytics Plus and Qlik GeoAnalytics Enterprise Server.

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Qlik® connector for SAP NetWeaver®

Learn more about how the Qlik Connector for SAP NetWeaver® enables SAP users to perform quick, flexible, visual, ad hoc analysis, and reporting.

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Qlik and Connectivity

The Qlik platform allows you to understand the whole story by providing real-time connectivity to almost any data source with a comprehensive range of connectors, open APIs, file formats and external data services. Qlik empowers users to fully leverage the wealth of data contained in existing applications and databases as well as allowing them to share and collaborate their findings with other users throughout the enterprise. By accessing and combining disparate data together, Qlik ensures that everyone can get secure, up-to-date, role-specific insight into exactly the information they need when they need it to support holistic, data-driven decision-making.

Data Sheet

Fraud Waste and Abuse Data Sheet

Analytics can support Federal agencies in improved spend accuracy through fraud detection, suspicious activity identification, and wasteful spend reduction.

Data Sheet

Federal Presidential Transition Data Sheet

Improved visibility across the organization helps to streamline the transition. Get better insight into all facets with Qlik, include workforce, procurement, and IT management.

Data Sheet

Higher Education Data Sheet

Improving student engagement through analytics. Focuses on student recruitment, student analysis, and student retention.

Data Sheet

Social Security Administration Data Sheet

How data discovery can prevent fraud, waste and abuse at SSA.

White Paper

Qlik and Big Data

There continues to be an incredible amount of interest in the topic of Big Data. It has transcended from a trend to being simply part of the current IT lexicon. For some organizations, its use has already become an operational reality; providing unprecedented ability to store and analyze large volumes of disparate data that are critical to the organization's competitive success. It has enabled people to identify new opportunities and solve problems they haven't been able to solve before.

For other organizations, Big Data is still something that needs to be better understood in terms of its relevance to a company's current and future business needs. This paper reviews how data flows from source to analysis and then discusses how the Qlik data analytics platform can help companies gain the most leverage from a Big Data implementation by easing access and making Big Data both relevant and in-context for the organization's business users.

On-Demand Webinar

Adopting Data Analytics: Using Change as a Force for Good

Find out how the team at biotech giant Sanofi Genzyme influenced senior executives, managers, and field sales teams to broadly adopt Qlik® – and empowered everyone to see the whole story in their data. Join us for Adopting Data Analytics: Using Change as a Force for Good.

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Qlik for Digital Consumer Analytics

The number of global online shoppers will grow 50% to 1.6 billion in 2018 from 1.3 billion in 2014.* Mobile devices have turned the corner as purchasing tools, 46% of consumers buy products via mobile device, compared to 40% last year.

There are 3 Vital Digital Customer Insights that companies must analyse about their customers;
1. Understanding Customer Browsing & Purchase Behavior and how this changes overtime.
2. Understanding Customer Interactions and their experience across Digital Channels.
3. Understanding Customer Multi-Device usage and changes in behaviors by Channel type. Qlik® has built a 'Qlik App' with our technology partner Celebrus Technologies to address and demonstrate capabilities related to this solution area.

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Qlik for Retail Margin Erosion

In today's retail highly competitive market, maintaining excellent product availability to customers is a key priority for food retailer. Maximizing revenue from products with limited shelf-life and minimizing losses is a challenge retailers face every day. The bottom line for retailers can be critically impacted by the stock initially ordered and subsequent markdown pricing decisions.

Leading retail companies are continuing to focus efforts on keeping shrinkage to a minimum by not over ordering perishable products, placing emphasis on discounting fresh food near its sell-by date in order to drive sales. Qlik® has built a 'Qlik App' to address and demonstrate capabilities related to this solution area.

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Big Data Market Basket Analysis

The Big Data Retail Market Basket Analysis Data Sheet is tied to the joint Qlik®, Bardess, & Cloudera solution. Bardess delivered the predictive analytics consulting, and Cloudera housed the data and scored the data.

In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, retailers must get closer to the consumer to better understand consumer preferences and purchase patterns. This helps them provide more targeted offers and a tailored assortment, resulting in larger basket sizes and locking in higher margins. Qlik and the partner community have built a number of 'Qlik Apps' to address and demonstrate capabilities related to this solution area.