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Analyst Report
We lead in our industry so you can lead in yours. See why Gartner named Qlik a Leader for the 9th year in a row.
The BI Survey 2019
Analyst Report
Learn why BI users voted Qlik #1 for customer experience and performance satisfaction in the world’s largest BI survey in the large international BI vendors peer group.
Qlik eBook - 2020 Data & BI Trends
The data and BI landscape is changing – fast. What’s next, and how will it impact you? In this eBook, Qlik® reveals the most important emerging trends.

Enhance the Value of SAP Data with Real-time Data Integration for Analytics

Download this paper to learn how Attunity Replicate® simple, real-time data replication and ingest solution can empower your team to meet fast-changing business requirements in an agile fashion. Our universal SAP data availability solution for analytics.


Real-Time Database Streaming for Kafka

Get a simple, real-time and universal solution for converting production databases into live data streams with Attunity Replicate®. Learn more.


Attunity Replicate®: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication & Loading

Learn Why Attunity Replicate is Faster and Easier to Use Than Oracle Golden Gate


QVD File Organization - Qlik Data Catalyst for QVDs

Qlik Data Catalyst for QVDs is a streamlined offering of Qlik Data Catalyst that is specially focused on making QVD files easier to discover, understand and consume. By creating a fully searchable catalog, data consumers can easily find and select the QVDs they need without navigating complex folder hierarchies or relying on file naming conventions.


Find & Deliver more business Insights using Qlik Sense with Snowflake

The power of Qlik Sense with Snowflake enables organizations to deliver more insights from their data investments, regardless of what cloud platform is being utilized; giving customers the ability to: analyze and explore without limits, providing augmented analytics and advanced visualizations, and seamlessly share insights across Snowflake environments.


Easily find, understand and utilize any enterprise data source using Qlik Data Catalyst with Snowflake

Together, Snowflake and Qlik Data Catalyst deliver a powerful solution that can empower your business by simplifying and accelerating the delivery of trustworthy, actionable data in just days. With on-demand access to analytics-ready data, you accelerate discovery and people get answers faster.


Easily Ingest Data from Multiple sources into Snowflake with Attunity, a division of Qlik

Attunity and Snowflake deliver a powerful solution that provides real-time, streaming data ingest and automates the design, implementation and updates to a data warehouse built for the cloud. Enterprises can now experience rapid time to insight and greater agility by optimizing the entire real-time data pipeline from data source to data mart.


Data Warehouse Automation in Azure for Dummies

As you make the decision to move your data warehouse from on-premise to the cloud or cloud to cloud, there are many things to take into consideration. You need to take into account the differences that exist between an on- premise data warehouse and a cloud data warehouse. In this book, you can find out how a cloud data warehouse in Azure has advantages in cost, time to value, and the ability to work with real-time data across the organization for analytics.


The Transformative Impact of the Data Marketplace

A White Paper explaining what a data marketplace is and how they can help to ensure data finds its way to the end user as a valuable asset.

Case Study

Save the Children – A Success Story with Attunity and Azure

Learn how Save the Children addressed the challenge of disconnected data sources, and how they built a modern data warehouse with Attunity and Azure to gain real-time fundraising insights and the ability to make business-critical decisions on strategic initiatives.


QlikView and Qlik Sense Dual Use Strategy Datasheet

This datasheet provides an overview of our QlikView and Qlik Sense Dual Use strategy.


Azure Databricks Datasheet

The Azure Databricks Platform makes it easier for enterprises to build data pipelines across siloed data storage systems with one platform that unifies data processing and machine learning (ML) initiatives that make artificial intelligence (AI) achievable. Using Azure Databricks, you can unlock insights from all your data and build artificial intelligence (AI) solutions; set up your Apache Spark™ environment in minutes; autoscale, and collaborate on shared projects in an interactive workspace.