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Analyst Report
We lead in our industry so you can lead in yours. See why Gartner named Qlik a Leader for the 9th year in a row.
The BI Survey 2019
Analyst Report
Learn why BI users voted Qlik #1 for customer experience and performance satisfaction in the world’s largest BI survey in the large international BI vendors peer group.
Qlik eBook - 2020 Data & BI Trends
The data and BI landscape is changing – fast. What’s next, and how will it impact you? In this eBook, Qlik® reveals the most important emerging trends.

Qlik DataMarket

Qlik Data Market can easily combine data sets, and provide deeper insights, all prowered by our data indexing engine.


Using Qlik DataMarket

Learn how to use Qlik Data Market , which utulizes smart data load, enabling data profiling to better understand your data.


Using Smart Data Load

Learn how to use smart data load in the QlikSense, which enables you to quickly load data into the app and organize data sets easily.

On-Demand Webinar

Discover how data analytics is helping Deloitte become sustainable

Join us to discover how Deloitte is leveraging Qlik® to support their environmental sustainability initiative, using better data insights to:

  • Deliver a pioneering mobility project that will reduce the company’s CO² emissions by 25% by 2021.
  • Improve reporting to show real-time status and key milestones for senior managers.
  • Easily create highly visual infographics and reports for end users, to increase project engagement.

Hear their story, get inspired, and discover what’s possible when you lead with data.

Executive Brief

The Transformative Potential of DataOps for Analytics

This executive brief explains how DataOps can change processes to be more agile, valuable, and deliver real-time data for users in every part of an organization.


Smart, Agile Test Data Management for SAP Environments

Enterprises can streamline SAP test data management with Attunity Gold Client® software, which provides specific and secure SAP test data management with intelligent sub-setting. IT can select and copy small, current and accurate data subsets into non-production environments, streamlining support and testing/QA efforts as well as development initiatives. Attunity Gold Client also can obfuscate data fields through scrambling or masking, thereby reducing security risk and enabling compliance.

Analyst Report

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Data Integration Tools

Discover why Qlik (Attunity) is recognized by Gartner, and get a copy of the report.


Attunity® Compose – Agile Data Warehousing

This white paper explains how Attunity Compose offers a fresh approach to data warehouse automation for data architects that meets these challenges. It will show how Attunity Compose automates the design, implementation and change process for data warehouses and data marts. It replaces manual, error-prone coding with a metadata-based solution that automates data modeling, ETL commands and complex transformations, and accelerates change propagation.

Analyst Report

Bloor InBrief Report on Attunity®

Attunity Compose is an innovative DWA software platform that streamlines this process end to end. It dramatically reduces the time, costs, and risks of data warehousing projects. Attunity Compose is also integrated with Attunity Replicate ® to enable real-time data warehousing with continuous and incremental data acquisition from all major enterprise data sources. Check out Bloor Group’s new report on Attunity Compose.

Analyst Report

DataOps: Streamlining the Delivery of Insights

Read this report to learn more about the principles, use cases and software solutions that contribute to effective DataOps initiatives. Also learn how Attunity® delivers automated design and management of effective data pipelines for DataOps.


Enabling Universal SAP Data Availability

Read this knowledge brief to learn more about Attunity® solutions for SAP which includes two solutions that easily integrate your SAP data into new platforms for analytics and testing. Attunity Replicate® provides change data capture (CDC) technology for continuous and heterogeneous replication of SAP data. And, Attunity Gold Client® provides specific and secure SAP test data refresh with intelligent sub-setting.


Five Principles for Effectively Managing Your Data Lake Pipeline

IT departments face serious data integration hurdles when adopting and managing a Hadoop-based data lake. Consolidating data in bulk or real-time from hundreds or thousands of sources creates management complexity and source production impact. Many organizations lack the ETL and Hadoop coding skills required to replicate data across these large environments. Attunity® provides automated Data Lake pipelines that accelerate and streamline your data lake ingestion ​efforts, enabling IT to deliver more data, ready for agile analytics, to the business.