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BARC BI Survey 2017
Analyst Report
BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest survey of BI users. Read why users top ranked Qlik in 12 key categories of its peer groups, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Project Success, and much more.
Qlik White Papers
White Paper
Learn about good practices using the Qlik Sense® standard User Interface to create Visual Analytics applications.
Forrester Wave 2017 Qlik
Learn about the changing landscape of the enterprise BI platform in this Forrester Wave report. Read why Qlik was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™.
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Credit and Collections

In today’s world of increasing efficiency and decreasing margins, communications companies are under pressure from consumers and regulators alike and CEO’s look to all departments to play there part. Our Qlik Business Discovery platform allows you to combine marketing campaign data from your CRM system with your financial collections data from financial systems such as SAP and Oracle, thereby building on your existing investments and maintaining your financial integrity.

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Asset Integrity Management

The challenges many organizations face are: increasingly complex assets, maintenance regimes and specialist skills; asset data is stored across multiple systems; coordinating the collation of data from these multiple systems to prepare different reports; having disparate needs from a variety of users. Our Asset Integrity Management App includes a wide variety of visualizations which will help to demonstrate the “art of the possible” for a holistic Asset Integrity Management facility which can then be tailored to suit the specific needs of any organization. This can then form the foundation of a powerful enterprise wide Asset Integrity Management facility, which can bridge the needs of many different users.


Qlik and Big Data: On Demand App Generation Video

This video is a brief overview of On Demand App Generation,  just one of several methodologies that can be used by Qlik® to manage Big Data sets. On Demand App Generation is a methodology that can be used in any situation where each user wants to explore their own slice of the data and is built in from the June 2017 release of Qlik Sense.

Analyst Reports

Insight at Your Point of Decision - Embedded BI Takes Center Stage Aberdeen Report

Drawing on findings from a recent survey, this report examines an embedded approach to analytics as it compares to a stand-alone approach.

Analyst Reports

Swim, Don't Sink in the Data Lake - Winning with Big Data Analytics Aberdeen Report

The deluge of data that companies face today creates a problem for those mired in an old-school technology mindset and an opportunity for those willing to embrace the diversity and flexibility of modern solutions. Companies that stay competitive in this new landscape have built a business intelligence (BI) environment that is flexible, scalable, and efficient in the collection of data and creation of insight. This report explores several Best-in-Class strategies and technologies instrumental in delivering enhanced business performance.

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Qlik Consulting Services for Big Data

Qlik empowers you to see the whole story that lives within your data - including Big Data. However, analytics projects involving large,complex data sets can be overwhelming. How do you ensure users can easily access the data that's most relevant to their project, whether the information comes from Big Data or another data source? What's the best way to allow users to get results fast—and easily try another path in their analysis if they choose?

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Corporater leverages the Qlik® Analytics Platform to deliver Business Outcomes: Case Study

Read how integration with the Qlik Analytics Platform empowers customers with powerful data visualization and discovery capabilities within Corporater's Business Management Platform.


Corporater leverages the Qlik® Analytics Platform to deliver Business Outcomes: iPDF

Hear from Tor Inge Vasshus, Founder & CEO, Corporater discuss how the Qlik Analytics Platform allows his customers the ability to discover patterns and value from data.

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Qlik for Retail Store Performance

Qlik® is used by retailers to provide intelligence and insights across all shopping channels providing visibility into sales, inventory, customer and supply chain processes. With multiple data sources in the production environment the ability to consolidate these and allow flexible, user-controlled analysis to see trends, gain insights and make discoveries is a critical differentiator of the QlikView Business Discovery Platform.

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Qlik for Retail Site Selection

Qlik® and the partner community have built a number of 'Qlik Apps' to address and demonstrate capabilities related to this solution area. Qlik Retail Site Selection & Development apps allow business users to make faster and better informed decisions by allowing them to do things such as uncover relationships using geo-location mapping to overlay current sales trends and traffic patterns across the brick and mortar footprint.

On-Demand Webinars

Integrating Actionable Insights into Disease Management

Every healthcare organization seeks to leverage visual analytics to improve patient care and reduce costs. One of the most effective ways is to identify variations in your clinical practice.

Join Joe Warbington of Qlik® and Srinivasan Suresh, MD, MBS, FAAP, of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, for an insightful discussion on how healthcare providers can embed visual analytics within an EMR – and empower physicians with self-service access.


Qlik and the Enterprise - Propelling Your Business Forward

How can an organization empower everyone from business users to developers with the ability to drive better business decisions and outcomes? Learn how Qlik enables everyone to explore data while still allowing IT to efficiently manage user capabilities.