How Visual Analytics Help You Win in Retail’s New Frontier ─ eBook

Qlik Retails New Frontier

Data-driven retailers are using visual analytics to address the 3 major shifts surrounding omni-channel retail

Three major shifts have shaken the very foundations of retail: Consumers are empowered and more demanding; supply chains must accommodate omni-channel shopping and services; and the role of stores goes far beyond converting show-roomers.

Do you want to keep pace with retail companies that are transforming the value of their stores through a deeper understanding of their consumers and clearer visibility of their supply chains?

In this eBook, you will learn how to:

• Use the right strategies that win over the empowered consumer

• Obtain higher conversion rates and bigger basket sizes

• Gain complete supply chain visibility, from order to fulfillment

• Speed omni-channel fulfillment while flexibly accepting returns

• Transform stores into omni-channel hubs

• Raise in-store conversion rates

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