Visualizing Population Health: How Geospatial and Social Determinant Data Informs Preventive Care

Population health is well beyond a broad buzzword as organizations are putting the concept into practice and improving the health of patients. But what are some of the practical use cases? And how hard would they be to implement across your healthcare organization?

Fred Goldstein, Founder and Lead Co-Host of PopHealth Week joins alongside Joe Warbington, Healthcare Industry Solutions Director at Qlik®, to discuss how healthcare providers are implementing the core principles of population health management and driving improvements in patient health outcomes. During the discussion, attendees will experience two visual analytics applications which merge social and geospatial data to inform preventive care measures.

Want to accelerate your population health initiatives? Join us to learn:

  • Where healthcare orgs are focusing population health initiatives
  • How geospatial data can highlight at risk patients
  • How social determinants of health data can drive preventive care
  • Why visual analytics is a must-have to amplify population health plans

Fred Goldstein
President and Founder
Accountable Health

Joe Warbington
Healthcare Industry Solutions Director