Qlik® for Life Sciences

Qlik Life Sciences Top 10 Solutions

Top 10 solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies

All 20 of the world’s leading life sciences organizations rely on Qlik to empower business users and decision-makers by providing access to on-demand analytics and insight anywhere, anytime.

Qlik delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making. While Qlik can be applied to practically any business area, the top-10 solutions for life sciences highlight some of the most common areas Qlik is deployed across pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and related industries.

Each solution includes examples of Qlik apps that are intended to showcase the art of the possible and act as a best practice example of deploying Qlik in a particular business area. The following one-page solution data sheets are comprised of an overview, sample app screenshots and real-world customer stories. Examples of each solution can be demonstrated or shared by contacting your Qlik representative.