Customer Success: Our New Imperative

Qlik White Paper

Customer success may seem like an obvious concept because it’s essential to doing business. What company doesn’t want its customers to be successful with its products? Yet customer success is a relatively new and rising corporate discipline – something many organizations don’t have a good handle on.

Customer success is a business methodology, designed to ensure that your customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service. By making sure your customers are wildly successful with your solutions, your company increases product or service use and adoption – ultimately boosting customer retention and growing customer relationships. It’s a win-win. But for too long, customer success has fallen on the shoulders of your post-sales support and services teams when it should be a company mindset. Everybody in your organization should be responsible and accountable for your solutions effectively delivering on the promises your product, sales, marketing, and executive teams make. For B2B technology companies operating in the subscription economy, focusing on customer success is the path to ensuring growth and profitability