Qlik DataTransfer®

Seamlessly and securely access your on-premises data in the cloud

Many organizations are moving to the cloud but still have data on-premises. Qlik DataTransfer is a lightweight utility that will securely push your on-premises data and local files into Qlik Sense® SaaS.

Keep it simple by selecting tables and fields to transfer on a schedule, or watch a folder for new or updated flat files. Leverage the full power of Qlik Sense’s ability to combine and transform data prior to scheduled transfers. When the data arrives in the cloud, your Qlik Sense apps will automatically update without missing a beat.


Transfer data to the cloud without any inbound traffic, and send all data you need securely.


Select the data you want to transfer and let Qlik DataTransfer do the rest. It will optimize the data for transfer and land it where you need it.


Your data will update whenever you need it. Refresh data on a set schedule, or monitor a folder for changes.

Simply select your data

Select tables and fields from your on-premises data sources with an easy-to-use interface. Qlik DataTransfer moves the selected tables and fields to the desired space in Qlik Sense on a set schedule. When data arrives it can also trigger apps to update with the latest data. It doesn’t get simpler — select data, set a refresh frequency, find insights.

Watch a folder

Easily include Excel files, text files and other files in your analysis. Qlik DataTransfer watches a folder for new or updated files and automatically sends the new or changed file to Qlik Sense, where your apps will be updated too. If the data is exported from another system or manually entered into the files, your analysis will stay in step with the latest information.

Transform and combine data

Combine and transform data before transfer to the cloud using visual data prep and robust scripting with a Qlik Sense app (QVF). Qlik DataTransfer refreshes the app and sends resulting tables to the cloud. Get Qlik’s legendary multiple data source capabilities — and get your data in the cloud.

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