Qlik Debuts SAP Accelerators on Qlik Cloud Data Integration To Increase Value and Impact of SAP Data For Cloud Analytics

Qlik Cloud Customers Can Enhance Cloud Analytics on AWS, Databricks or Snowflake Through Real-Time Data Delivery and Transformations for Order-to-Cash, Financial Analytics and Inventory Management

Philadelphia – Qlik® announced today that its suite of SAP Accelerators is now available on Qlik Cloud® Data Integration, its Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (eiPaaS). These pre-configured solution templates address the entire data supply chain for SAP data, from real-time ingestion and automated transformation through the delivery of analytics-ready data and BI dashboards in the cloud. The accelerators are now fully available on Qlik Cloud to help customers reduce costs, risk and time-to-value for SAP data related to common solutions such as Order-to-Cash, Financial Analytics and Inventory Management.

“Customers are operating in dynamic markets and want to combine real-time SAP data with multiple sources in the cloud to enhance and improve decision-making around core business transactions,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “The introduction of our SAP Accelerators on Qlik Cloud Data Integration expands customers’ ability to leverage the cloud to create even more value and action from the SAP data related to driving revenue and performance.”

Customers are looking to feed their cloud platforms of choice – whether it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Databricks or Snowflake – with SAP data in the cloud. Qlik’s SAP Accelerator templates ask the hard questions of SAP data, with the customer’s cloud platform of choice as the engine that drives insights within Qlik. Qlik’s long expertise in overcoming the complex challenges of transforming and delivering SAP data, now combined with Qlik Cloud Data Integration’s full suite of SaaS services, gives customers the ability to leverage all of their most impactful SAP-related data for decisions directly within the cloud.

“Siemens Energy is leveraging Qlik Data Integration alongside Snowflake and AWS to drive our cloud-first strategy,” said Nicolas Legato, IT Project Manager at Siemens Energy. “By having Qlik Data Integration feed our Snowflake warehouse on AWS with both SAP data and other sources like Salesforce and Oracle, we’re able to make timely decisions on current information that adds value to the organization while not stressing our core operational systems.”

The debut of Qlik’s SAP Accelerators on Qlik Cloud Data Integration builds on Qlik’s robust approach to getting SAP data into data lakes/warehouses on AWS to generate analytics-ready data, which includes:

  • Qlik's fully automated change data capture (CDC), which enables continuous, real-time data ingestion of SAP data with an agentless and log-based approach, so data is always current while not impacting SAP source systems.

  • Once SAP data lands in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an Amazon EMR data lake, Amazon Redshift, Databricks or Snowflake, Qlik automates the data pipeline creation without the hand coding associated with traditional ETL approaches. This enables efficient modeling, refinement and automated data warehouse or lake lifecycles that increase agility and productivity.

  • The acceleration comes to life through agile data integrations, ever-refining data models, tailored key performance indicators and purpose-built analytic dashboards, with solution accelerators available for Order-to-Cash, Financial Analytics and Inventory Management.

Qlik’s SAP Accelerators on Qlik Cloud Data Integration are now available for Databricks and Snowflake. To learn more about Qlik Cloud Data Integration visit here. To learn more about Qlik’s unique ability to maximize the value of SAP data visit here. All of these elements are also available now in AWS Marketplace: Qlik Data Integration for SAP.

Support for Qlik SAP Accelerators

“The Databricks Lakehouse Platform allows customers to integrate SAP data with the rest of their operational data to power all analytics workloads within their lakehouse – from business intelligence and predictive analytics to production machine learning,” said Chris Hecht, SVP of Corporate Development and Product Partnerships at Databricks. “We're excited to expand our integration with Qlik Cloud and enable our mutual customers to more efficiently leverage their SAP data and, ultimately, drive more value out of their lakehouse.”

“More customers are wanting to leverage their valuable SAP data in the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “Snowflake’s integration with Qlik makes it simple and easy for joint customers and system integrators to deploy a trusted solution to maximize the value of SAP data in Snowflake for analysis and action.”

“As more and more mission-critical analysis is being done in the cloud, being able to efficiently and effectively transform and combine SAP data natively on AWS is growing in importance,” said Matt Schwartz, Director of Global SAP Alliance at AWS. “The SAP Accelerators on Qlik Cloud can help AWS customers drive more value from their SAP data to enhance revenue generating efforts.”

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