Qlik Announces New Data Literacy Education Program

Company Expands Mission to Solve Skills Gap with Comprehensive Learning Program

Qonnections 2018 – Orlando, FL – Qlik®, a leader in data analytics, today announced the availability of its new data literacy education program to help individuals and organizations embrace the next wave of business transformation in an increasingly data-centric world. This effort to help leaders, workers and students across the globe better prepare themselves for roles in the analytics economy is one Qlik has already brought to the academic community, and will continue to invest in as a value-added service to the community at large.

The new program is designed to empower everyone with the ability to understand, analyze and use data with confidence, as well as helping foster a culture of data literacy inside organizations. The learning is product agnostic – built around widely adopted data, analytics and statistical concepts that can be used in any context and with any BI tool. Offerings include:

  • One day, instructor-led class available worldwide, onsite or virtually

  • Free self-paced online learning modules in the Qlik Continuous Classroom

  • Free comprehensive data analytics certification in the Qlik Continuous Classroom

  • Free learning resources for professors and students through the Qlik Academic Program

  • Free skills assessment to receive a training roadmap based on skill level

A series of surveys commissioned by Qlik and detailed at www.dataliteracy.info has identified an overwhelming data literacy skills gap for workers across the globe at all levels in organizations. The surveys also showed the majority of workers think data skills would make them more valuable to their employer, and that they would take advantage of skills training if made avaialble. The Qlik data literacy education program is designed to help close these gaps and provide benefit to all current and future employees worldwide.

Data literacy will be a major theme at Qlik’s Qonnections 2018 customer and partner event, including:

  • Keynote session with Valerie Logan, Research Director of Data and Analytics at Gartner Research, and Rahul Bhargava, MIT Media Lab Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Civic Media, on Data Literacy: How Organizations Can Learn to Speak Data”

  • 10 breakout sessions and 1 roundtable session

  • Dedicated data literacy booth in the Qonnections Discovery Expo where Qlik will showcase the program and have attendees take our data literacy quiz from www.dataliteracy.info.

“The analytics economy will only reach its full potential by combining data access with skilled workers who can read, understand, utilize and argue with data effectively,” said Jordan Morrow, Qlik’s Head of Data Literacy. “Qlik’s dedicated data literacy education program and the volume of free learning we are making available is a one of its kind offer, one we envision bringing value across entire ecoystems and industries.”
For more information and to get started, visit qlik.com/getdataliterate.

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