Qlik Expands Academic Program with Mission to Bridge the Data Literacy Gap

Enhanced Curriculum Prepares Students for the Analytics Economy

January 03, 2018

Radnor, PA – January 3, 2018Qlik®, a leader in data analytics, today announced the expansion of the Qlik Academic Program, now offering a second course to its data analytics curriculum to serve the next wave of business transformation in an increasingly data-centric world. Data literacy and analytics skills can help students to capitalize on this unprecedented economic opportunity, which many are referring to as the Analytics Economy.

With more data being created today than ever before, many individuals lack the skills to fully leverage this abundance of information to create actionable insights. To bridge this skills gap and prepare individuals to keep up with the accelerating pace at which data is being created and consumed, Qlik is committed to enabling students to read, work with, analyze and argue with data prior to entering the workforce as part of its mission toward data literacy.

“Data literacy is extremely important now,” said Dr. Ela Klecun, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Department of Management, London School of Economics. “Students need to learn what data is and how it can be used, but also to critique the hype behind it. This course has been incredibly useful for students in that sense. The sessions are a great way to introduce them to the people designing products that can help others analyze data. In terms of finding jobs, they know having data literacy skills will be crucial in putting them a step ahead of other graduates. They understand managers are looking for people who can not only understand data, but also to analyze it and report back. Data analytics is increasingly important for businesses looking for ways to find more markets and opportunities.”

Serving as a key pillar of this movement, the Qlik Academic Program provides students, professors and researchers at both nonprofit and for-profit, accredited universities with free Qlik software and learning resources housed in the online learning portal, Qlik Continuous Classroom. Designed as a self-service platform, individuals can choose from several learning tools including on-demand videos, exercises and quizzes from the enhanced curriculum that best align with their existing skills and goals.

“I enjoyed learning about data analytics through the program,” said Gavin Godwin, a student at Macquarie University. “Data analytics is now a major part of business, and it’s a skill that can set you apart when applying for jobs. I look forward to being able to bring that skill with me to the workplace when I complete my degree.”

Although Qlik’s second course in data literacy is appropriate for building analytical skills using any analytics product, Qlik’s curriculum also provides professors with easy-to-use course materials such as instructor-led content and in-class activities to introduce the fundamentals of data analytics using its own Qlik Sense platform. After completing the new Introduction to Data Analytics course, students are equipped to examine data analytics in the real world, apply fundamental concepts of data and distributions across various disciplines and identify advanced concepts in analytics. The expansion of the Academic Program also includes new Qlik Sense qualifications, which serve as a key component in validating a student’s progress in the program and empowering them to apply these skills in their future careers. After learning skills in the Qlik Continuous Classroom, students can test their basic Qlik Sense skills and applied knowledge by completing a two-part qualification exam. Students can earn either a Business Analyst or Data Architect Qualification and receive a printable certificate and a digital badge to share on resumes and other social sites.

“In today’s data-driven world, strong analytical and data literacy skills have become fundamental requirements across various industries,” said Kevin Hanegan, Vice President of Knowledge and Learning at Qlik. “By participating in the Qlik Academic Program, these students are not only making themselves more marketable, but they’re prepared to stand out in today’s competitive workforce and set the new standard as the next generation of data literate business leaders driving the analytics economy.”

To date, professors and students from more than 800 universities across more than 65 different countries have signed up for the Qlik Academic Program. For more information, visit: www.qlik.com/us/company/academic-program.

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