Qlik Teams Up With Rostelecom For An Open Data Literacy Marathon

Qlik today announces it has teamed up with Rostelecom, one of the Russia's largest integrated digital services providers, to launch an open data literacy marathon

September 20, 2021

MoscowQlik® today announces it has teamed up with Rostelecom, one of the Russia's largest integrated digital services providers, to launch an open data literacy marathon. The data-driven marathon is part of Rostelecom’s large-scale program for data literacy development. Providing a wider audience with access to the marathon, the company aims to increase data literacy both in the telecom market and within the wider business community.

The marathon, which takes place on September 20-24, is designed to teach participants the basics of data analysis and will be an opportunity for each to exchange experiences and study the success stories of analytics solutions implemented by Rostelecom. The marathon is based on real experience of Rostelecom teams and covers:

  • decision-making cycle and the value of analytics;
  • data strategy and analytical culture development;
  • self-service analytics tools;
  • creating a team to build a data literacy culture;
  • increasing employees‘ data literacy skills.

Rostelecom pays great attention to data analytics, from its data management strategy run out of the office of the Chief Data Officer (CDO), all the way through to improving the levels of data literacy amongst its 130,000 employees.

“Rostelecom is a huge company, which is why we believe it is extremely important to create and run a data democratization strategy. We have invested a lot of resources to implement data governance tools and we have created a single portal to harness data potential: each employee can get instant access to all the necessary analytical dashboards and sources,” said Sergey Nosov, Chief Data Officer at Rostelecom. “We also believe it is crucial to increase data literacy among the employees and motivate them to work with data. In July 2021, we held an internal marathon to reveal successful self-service analytics case studies, which engaged over a thousand Rostelecom employees. As a result, we have managed to create an efficient internal data analysis community.”

The marathon experts include representatives of Rostelecom, Qlik Russia and the CIS, as well as the DataYoga educational community.

“We believe that in order to achieve success, you need to be open,” added Nosov. “We readily share our knowledge and best practices with the professional community. The development of a data-driven culture is essential not only for the company and for the industry, but for the growth of the entire economy of the country. We are glad to have Qlik as a partner that shares our values. We will team up to launch the first open data literacy marathon featuring our case studies. Each success story is a personal experience of the company’s employee. These case studies encourage people to work with data consciously, which is extremely important to increase the efficiency of business processes.”

“Increasing data literacy and employee training is a key to successful implementation of self-service analytics and data democracy. Rostelecom is a perfect example of a company consistently implementing a digital transformation program and sharing its experience in building the data culture,” said Alexey Artemenko, Regional Director, Qlik Russia and the CIS. “We are pleased to announce an open marathon that will allow Russian companies to learn more about data analysis and encourage employees to work with data. The ability to make data-driven decisions is an integral skill not only for the management, but for all the company’s staff, as it allows responding effectively to volatile market environment.”


Rostelecom is the largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions in Russia. The company is the market leader in high-speed Internet access and paid TV services.

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