Data Literacy

Data is the new language of business. Can your organization speak it?

Nearly every business is dealing with an incredible amount of data. But collecting it isn’t the same as understanding it — and we’re facing a critical skills gap. Qlik is on a mission to provide the education, technology, and business strategies that create a data-literate world — where everyone can speak the language of data, and use it with confidence to make discoveries that change the game.

Business decision makers confident in their ability to use data

C-suite leaders classified as data literate

16-24-year olds who qualify as data literate*

Is your business data literate?

Is your business data literate?

Here are the questions every organization should be asking

  • Do you trust your data?
  • Are you asking the right questions of your data?
  • Does your organization make decisions based on “gut feel”?
  • Does your culture help employees feel comfortable challenging data with executives?
Spread data literacy throughout your enterprise

Spread data literacy throughout your enterprise

Data literacy — the ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data** — is critical to the success of every enterprise. Yet just 24% of business decision makers qualify as data literate*. Our groundbreaking Data Literacy Program was developed to empower the entire workforce by bringing data literacy to everyone in your organization — regardless of role or skill set.

  • Product-agnostic: you don’t have to be a Qlik customer to participate
  • Free, self-paced courses offer broad-based skills development
  • Open Instructor-led classes provide immersive, hands-on training
Do you speak the language of data?

The right technology for a data-driven culture

Qlik Sense® removes the roadblocks caused by mountains of disorganized data and the limitations of linear, query-based data exploration — accelerating data literacy across the organization.

All data, in everyone’s hands

All data, in everyone’s hands

Want the most value from your data? Give everyone on your workforce access to it. Qlik Sense takes raw data from all corners of your enterprise and transforms it into analytics-ready information anyone can access and explore.

Freedom to explore

Freedom to explore

Qlik Sense’s one-of-a-kind Associative Engine connects every piece of data with every other piece. Now, anyone can dive in and explore information without boundaries, both visually and conversationally, discovering hidden insights as they go. No queries – and no waiting – required.

Human curiosity, amplified

Human curiosity, amplified

Curiosity can lead to effective insights, but combine it with the power of AI and there's no limit to what we can discover. Qlik Sense taps into our natural intuition and sharpens its power with machine intelligence. We call it augmented intelligence. You’ll call it more brainpower.

Discover a new global community dedicated to creating a data-literate world

We can help your business speak the language of data

When data guides business decisions, you'll discover connections you didn't expect to find, outcomes you never knew were possible, and new perspectives that will transform your enterprise. Qlik is ready to champion your digital evolution through data management, next-generation analytics, and data literacy.

  • Qlik Customer Success offers a full ecosystem of consulting and support services to help your organization take full advantage of its data.
  • Our data literacy adoption framework is designed to help organizations implement successful data literacy programs across the enterprise.
  • Qlik's comprehensive Education Program helps foster a culture of data literacy within the organization.
United Overseas Bank
Lloyd's of London

'With Qlik, we have successfully put clinical and financial data together in our sets and can ask questions related to that theory.'

David Mooradian, M.D., Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Anne Arundel Medical Center

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