Qlik Joins Snowflake Partner Connect Program

Qlik Real-Time Data Integration Is Now Available for Seamless Trial to Accelerate Data Warehouse Automation for Snowflake Customers

February 10, 2020

PhiladelphiaQlik today announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data warehouse, that includes Qlik’s integration with the Snowflake Partner Connect program to enable Snowflake customers to seamlessly experience Qlik’s award winning enterprise data integration software with a two week free trial. The free trial includes tutorials for quickly ingesting and delivering data in real-time to Snowflake. Customers can extend their trial to deliver data from many popular enterprise database systems, mainframes or SAP applications, as well as automate the process of creating and updating analytics-ready data sets in Snowflake with Qlik data warehouse automation software.

“Our customers want to accelerate their modernization efforts by utilizing highly performant and robust solutions to replicate data into Snowflake,” said Colleen Kapase, Snowflake VP of WW Partners and Alliances. “With Qlik’s real-time data integration capabilities, customers will realize an immediate benefit to easily bringing that data directly into Snowflake. We are excited about Qlik joining our partner connect program, bringing new capabilities for customers to modernize to Snowflake.”

Snowflake Partner Connect enables new users to easily tap into and integrate selected Snowflake business partners directly into their experience when creating their trial accounts. Using Qlik Data Integration from the onset unlocks a wide variety of enterprise data sources in real-time and at scale to get the most value during a Snowflake evaluation. Once the trial completes, there is an easy path to full license purchase of Qlik Data Integration.

“Snowflake gives us a scalable data lake environment, bringing data together in one location from any source. This enhances decision making across all our varied business functions, including manufacturing, supply chain, customer service, and financing,” said Dallas Thornton, Director of Digital Services at PACCAR. “Qlik’s data integration software is a huge driver in the value we see with Snowflake. Since it streams disparate data sources using change data capture into Snowflake from any platform - be it cloud, x86 databases, mainframes, or AS400 - our users now have one environment in Snowflake from which to analyze data in near real-time.”

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Snowflake by joining their partner connect program, helping enterprises accelerate their journey to cloud data warehousing,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “Qlik has a complete solution for Snowflake that continuously ingests all targeted data, automates the warehouse/mart creation without scripting, and makes data and insights readily accessible across the organization with world-class analytics.”

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