Leading Global Retailers Using Qlik to Drive More Value from All Their Data

From Fast-food to Accessories and Home Furnishings – Retailers are Embracing Qlik’s End-to-End Data Analytics Platform to Respond to Fast Changing Market Conditions

April 20, 2021

Philadelphia – Retailers are rapidly adopting Qlik® as part of their effort to maximize the value of real-time data for decision-making. Over the past two quarters, retailers have been eager to realize Qlik’s vision of Active Intelligence, which is the ability to leverage real-time, up-to-date information to inform decision-making and trigger downstream business events to capitalize on every business moment in rapidly changing market conditions.

Facing razor-thin margins in normal circumstances, COVID-19 pushed retailers to quickly reimagine their supply chains, warehouse and distribution center operations, as well as their delivery models and their physical/digital mix. Even retailers with robust digital presences realized, to make the necessary pivots, they needed to further break down internal data silos, and bring even more real-time, context-aware data to their decision-making. This has driven tremendous interest in adopting Qlik – which serves 2 of the top 3, and 5 of the top 10, NRF Top 100 Retailers* – as a catalyst to quickly modernize data pipelines and analytics to support newly imagined operations models with data that drives action, reduces churn and maintains customer satisfaction.

“With Qlik, we are providing a live view of performance to our teams and customers in each of the business units,” said David Moran, Supply Chain Director, KFC Europe. “This insight, accountability and transparency has been very powerful in establishing confidence in the capabilities of our organization, and is the foundation of our vision to both protect and grow the brand with a world-class supply chain.”

“Fostering an analytics culture is where Qlik is a game-changer,” said Elizabeth Dalton, Director at Luxottica Retail. “The rich variety of visualizations available in Qlik leads to immediate data exploration and insight generation, which eases our users away from their static reports.”

The retail sector continues to be highly competitive, with constant challenges presented by ever-evolving customer sentiment and demands. It’s essential to have flexibility and scalability in delivering accurate and near-real time data across an organization – from the supply chain to warehouses and distribution centers, through to front-line stores and eCommerce. The diversity of companies now using Qlik’s data and analytics platforms represent some of the most well-known global fast-food franchises, apparel and accessory companies, as well as home furnishing retailers.

  • Dorel Industries designs and manufactures sport, home and juvenile products enjoyed daily by millions of people. The Home division began its journey with Qlik in 2017 with Qlik Cloud Business, then moved to Qlik Sense® Enterprise SaaS in 2019. Today, all three of Dorel’s business units leverage Qlik, with sales, operations and eCommerce gaining visibility through Qlik to more than 8000 SKUs across dozens of retailers.
  • Burger King, the American-based multinational fast-food franchise, has deployed Qlik Sense regionally to support business intelligence that is central to its management transformation, including having a flexible and user-friendly system for analysis of sales and finance.
  • Kendra Scott is a leading fashion-lifestyle brand, specializing in jewelry, home decor, gifts and beauty. Kendra Scott invested in Qlik Sense SaaS to deploy cloud analytics as a key element in their digital transformation. Business users in Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Sourcing can now obtain near real-time insights across retail stores, eCommerce, BOSS and BOPIS sales in a self-service environment. Leveraging Qlik, Kendra Scott was able to start fast with SaaS, releasing their first apps to production within one week.

Additional retailers using Qlik products include: Rapide Brow & Lash Bar, in Sweden, Fenwick, and Travis Perkins, in the UK; Best Buy, and Walgreens, in the United States; the Asia Pacific division of Chanel, Chow Tai Fook, in Hong Kong, as well as Malabar Group of Companies, in India, among others.

“More and more retail companies are shifting from passive to active business intelligence models, which emphasize the need for real-time data to inform decision-making,” said Poornima Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President, Global Solutions and Partners at Qlik. “Active Intelligence, realized through our end-to-end platform, drives performance improvements and value across our retail customers’ organizations by bringing the right data and insights to decision makers when it’s most relevant and impactful.”

*Source: NRF Top 100 Retailers 2020 List

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