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Today’s data-driven demands can’t be met with BI as you’ve known it

In the digital economy, real-time agility is essential. The faster an organization can respond to events as they evolve, the better it can compete. To make that leap, your people and systems need to be armed with continuously up-to-date, real-time information and the ability to trigger informed action at the most important moment – right now. And that is exactly what Qlik Active Intelligence Platform delivers.

The data challenge

Most organizations struggle to make actionable data available, let alone turn it into business value.1

10% of business relevant data is used for analysis

32% of executives say they can create value from data

24% of business decision makers feel data literate

Introducing Active Intelligence

Organizations need a much more dynamic relationship with information that reflects the current moment. Traditional, passive BI relies on preconfigured, historical data sets, and wasn’t designed to support real-time decisioning and actions.

Active Intelligence is a new paradigm, creating in-the-moment awareness about every aspect of your business. It delivers a state of continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to-date information designed to trigger immediate actions.

  • Active Intelligence
    • Based on continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to date information
    • Establishes an intelligent analytics data pipeline enabling the reflection of dynamic business content and logic
    • Designed to trigger immediate actions
  • Traditional BI
    • Uses preconfigured, curated data sets
    • Lacks a governed, end-to-end analytics data pipeline leveraging automation to produce business-ready data
    • Designed to inform, not compel action

How does Active Intelligence work?

Active Intelligence makes the most up-to-date information available in the most important moment: now. Whether driving automated metrics and insights within dashboards or embedding them directly into machine-driven processes, Active Intelligence combines data at rest with data in motion, reflecting the pulse of the data and delivering insights in the business moment.

Intelligent analytics data pipelines

A unified pipeline closes the gaps between data ingestion, integration, delivery, analytics, collaboration and storytelling. This creates a multidirectional conduit for continuous information flow, delivering fresh, clean data to users almost as soon as it comes in the door.

Delivering real-time, up-to-date information

Active Intelligence relies on a data analytics platform that supports a full range of use cases embedded directly into business and machine-driven processes. Augmented analytics surface real-time events and predictions. And collaboration happens across the entire data pipeline.

Designed to trigger immediate actions

Traditional BI was designed to inform humans, and by extension to inform action, but not to compel action. Active Intelligence enables informed decision-making and impelled action with dynamic alerting and event triggering and orchestrated actions when specific conditions arise.

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Drive informed action, moment-to-moment, accelerating business value

Active Intelligence closes the gap between what’s happening in the business right now and the information and insights available. That creates a tremendous opportunity to boost innovation, accelerate value and sharpen your competitive edge.

In an IDC survey2, a majority of businesses with a strong data-to-analytics pipeline reported powerful business outcomes. With Active Intelligence, organizations can:

See and immediately respond to trends, connections and shifts within the business and in the market

Reinvent strategy, processes and products for the digital world, even on a moment-to-moment basis

Collaborate beyond historical barriers by bringing together data producers and data consumers

Accelerate business outcomes by increasing agility and efficiency in every area of operations

Gain trust in the insights uncovered and actions taken

Examples of Active Intelligence in action

Supply Chain Optimization

Personal Customer Experiences

Predictive Maintenance with IoT

Value-based Healthcare

Fraud Detection & Monitoring

Emergency Planning and Logistics

Qlik Active Intelligence Platform

Optimize your business moment by moment

Qlik pioneered the modern BI era. Now we’re leading the charge to Active Intelligence as the first vendor to deliver a full suite of products and services designed to work together to transform raw data into insights and drive orchestrated actions. Evolve your organization into a state of continuous intelligence with Qlik.

Data Integration

Real-time data integration supports your unique data strategy, independent of cloud service or location. Our platform was designed to free your data and transform it into analytics-ready information at the speed of business. Data sets are continuously updated and managed via an enterprise data catalog, bridging the gap between data producers and consumers. This unique, high-performance, real-time approach keeps your business perpetually up-to-date.

Data Analytics

Qlik Sense®, our cloud-native data analytics solution, is built on modern AI and machine learning capabilities, unlocking hidden insights in your data. Our open approach enables the full range of use cases – from self-service to embedded analytics. And our one-of- a-kind, Associative Engine adds peripheral vision to data exploration, revealing correlations and insights other tools simply miss. Plus, automated alerting and mobile support means your users are never in the dark.

Data Literacy as a Service

Transforming your organization with data is as much about people as it is technology. Data Literacy as a Service is our approach to customer success, designed to drive a data-informed culture in your business, maximizing the value of your investments in people, technology, and process. It includes around-the-clock support for all critical issues, personalized and bundled always-on services aligned with your goals and product-agnostic data-literacy consulting and education.
Infographic illustrating how the Qlik suite of products and services work together to transform raw data into insights and drive orchestrated actions. Infographic illustrating how the Qlik suite of products and services work together to transform raw data into insights and drive orchestrated actions.

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