RO-RA Aviation Systems’ Production Reaches New Heights with Qlik

Aerospace industry provider visualizes data to improve transparency and make more informed business decisions

November 29, 2016

Radnor, PA – Qlik®, a leader in visual analytics, announced that RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH, a supplier to the aerospace industry, is using Qlik Sense® to help its suppliers gain key insights into their company data.

RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH develops, qualifies, and manufactures precision components for the structure and interior of aircraft and engines. Qlik Sense is a modern platform-based approach to business intelligence (BI) and analytics that will help RO-RA analyze its data for insights into its production, stock, and logistics.

RO-RA’s existing ERP system lacked the transparency needed for the company to make fast and quick decisions. By replacing this with Qlik Sense, the business can make use of historical data that was not previously available in the original systems, and visualize for staff to understand, aiding the company’s ability to make smarter business decisions.

With Qlik Sense, RO-RA will be using analytics to visualize weekly and monthly stock trends. Instead of showing data on multiple reports as was done with the old system, the company now has all the data in one consolidated view. Qlik Sense was recommended to the aviation company by Qlik Elite Solution Partner Data GmbH, which demonstrated how Qlik can be easily implemented and leveraged by a range of end-users. What surprised RO-RA was how quickly the individual solutions could be created and used productively. Even after a short initial period of use, RO-RA is seeing the benefit of Qlik Sense – the company already has much better data transparency and has also seen an increase in sales due to the ability to make clearer business decisions.

Markus Kreisle, CEO of RO-RA, said, “Qlik gives us a great competitive advantage, allowing us to analyze data accumulated from multiple locations across the business. Qlik illuminates data from all perspectives and allows us to delve deeper in to the details where necessary. ERP systems quickly reach their limits: giving either too much detail or displaying data too cumulatively, leaving gaps in performance. This gap is closed with Qlik, providing the ability to drill down and filter the information you want. Qlik supports decisions at management level, as well as agents and their operational activities."

Christian Wellmann, IT Specialist & Head of Treasury, adds, “From an IT perspective, Qlik Sense is very flexible and supports any data format, which means you can bring in data from all parts of the business. The fact the solution is web-based is a benefit, too."

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