Qlik Helps Lazada Gain Data Insights to Deliver Optimized Shopping Experience to Consumers

Southeast Asia’s eCommerce leader using Qlik visual analytics for insights to drive competitive edge

November 21, 2016

Radnor, PA – Qlik®, a leader in visual analytics, today announced that Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination, is using Qlik across the organization to visualize and analyze its rapidly growing amount of data. Qlik Sense® is deployed across various functions within the company – from sales to operations to marketing – to enable Lazada to better understand customer behavior, help merchants optimize their supply chain and operational processes, and deliver a more effortless shopping and selling experience.

Established in 2012, Lazada has experienced strong growth across Southeast Asia. As the company grew, its data needs has also evolved. Relying initially on manual reporting and analysis to extract information, Lazada quickly recognized the need for a business intelligence platform to automate the process to gain more meaningful insights. The company decided to implement Qlik Sense given its ease of use, speed and performance, as well as its ability to analyze all types of data – including unstructured data.

‘‘As Lazada continues to architect Southeast Asia’s eCommerce ecosystem, we deal with an increasing amount of data generated by our shoppers and sellers. Qlik helps us visualize these large amounts of data, allowing us to stay ahead of commercial and operational challenges in the highly dynamic eCommerce business environment. Its ease of use – while maintaining deep-dive capabilities at the same time – makes Qlik the strategic visual analytics platform of choice for Lazada,’’ said Klemen Drole, Chief Information Officer, Lazada Group.

Through using Qlik, Lazada is in a better position to enable sellers and merchants, helping them to grow their business through eCommerce. For instance, if a merchant is falling behind deliveries to customers, Lazada is able to easily and quickly analyze the entire supply chain and transactions to identify the issue, and help the merchant develop effective solutions to ensure the products are delivered on time. Valuable insights such as these allow Lazada to help merchants grow and succeed, especially during major campaigns such as Lazada Online Revolution, the biggest online and selling shopping event in Southeast Asia.

With Qlik, the Lazada marketing team is also able to measure the results of various promotions and vouchers to tailor more effective campaigns targeted at different segments of shoppers.

“Lazada is a true pioneer in all aspects – not only in eCommerce, but also in the way it has embraced analytics to become a data-driven organization,” said Jeremy Sim, Director, Industry Solutions, Qlik APAC. “One of the key challenges that today’s retailers grapple with is leveraging huge volumes of data coming from disparate sources, in order to enhance the customer experience. Empowering all people across the business with the right self-service visual analytics platform to ask questions, collaborate on decision-making, is key to overcoming this challenge and winning in the retail and ecommerce industry.’’

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