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Qlik ‘Change Our World’ Program Celebrates Five Years

Global corporate social responsibility program adds 70 new grant recipients in 2014 to help the world’s most vulnerable people

February 24, 2015

Qlik®, (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in data discovery, today announced that its global corporate social responsibility program, Change Our World, has awarded more than 70 grants to organizations worldwide during 2014. Launched in February 2010, the program positively impacts the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

As part of the program non-profit organizations can apply for a Qlik Change Our World grant to receive free QlikView® and Qlik® Sense licenses, deployment services and training. By leveraging Qlik, charitable organizations can gain better visibility into fundraising efforts and donor campaigns, perform detailed financial analysis and provide supporters with insights regarding program impact to accelerate positive outcomes and make their good work even better.

 “In tandem with an overwhelming response from Qlik partners and employees, we have created a strong community of giving that is empowering organizations at the forefront of charitable causes with an effective solution allowing them to focus on and carry out their good work,” said Lars Björk, CEO, Qlik. "The growth of the Change Our World program these past five years is a testament both to the value delivered by Qlik products and the passion of our people. In 2014 alone, the team signed up 70 new grant recipients and we hope to provide even more assistance in the coming year.”

 As part of the Change Our World program, Qlik supports two global corporate charities, HOPEHIV and Medair, with software and significant, coordinated fundraising efforts.  HOPEHIV helps more than 50,000 vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa whose lives have been blighted by poverty and the AIDS virus. Medair provides relief to over 1.2 million of the most vulnerable and difficult-to-reach people of the world annually who have been impacted by natural and man-made disasters.  Both organizations leverage Qlik software platform and support to provide greater transparency of data and impact.

“Our partnership with Qlik, and the support their team is providing for us to implement the QlikView software, is very quickly enabling us to automate our reporting processes.  Report preparations that used to take days now take seconds,” said Jim Ingram, CEO, Medair. “The automated visibility that QlikView provides will ultimately enable Medair to deliver higher quality humanitarian aid with improved impact for all of our beneficiaries.”

Qlik also strives to develop innovative ways to support charities and engage employees through significant fundraising and volunteering efforts. In 2013, Qlik was recognized as the Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy Company of the Year by Network Products Guide, for its successful  Challenge1010 in support of HOPEHIV. Qlik employees took on the challenge of each turning $10 into $100 in 10 weeks. Qlik exceeded the goal of $100,000 to raise more than $150,000 for the children of Africa through HOPEHIV.  A similarly successful campaign was conducted in conjunction with Medair during 2014 helping to fund its construction of dwellings in Haiti and support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. 

In addition to raising more than several hundred thousand dollars for our corporate charity partners, Qlik has coordinated numerous volunteer trips to the remote regions served by HOPEHIV and Medair, allowing employees to further engage and support the efforts of these organizations.

Additional humanitarian and community-based software Qlik Change Our World grant recipients include:

  • Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to solving a single problem: cleft lip and palate. Working with Qlik partner BIPB the organization was able to transform the way it uses data to measure key performance indicators and better allocate resources for future programming. With data-driven insights from QlikView, Smile Train can more effectively measure efficiencies, optimize operations globally and improve the lives of many more children each year.
  • ToolBank USA is leading a national movement to make an abundance of high-quality tools available to non-profits and their volunteers. The ToolBank’s signature lending model allows American charities to focus on their mission while relying on ToolBanks to provide the critically-needed tools and equipment. Through the use of QlikView and the deployment assistance of Spartan Technologies, they are able to aggregate and share program data across the national network of ToolBanks, develop inventory demand projections and replenishment assessments, as well as perform year-on-year and city comparison trend analyses. Additionally, QlikView provides a scalable platform that enables ToolBank USA to grow its network of ToolBanks to new cities.
  • NamasteDirect provides business development services for low income women in Guatemala by providing tools for the social and economic development of the women’s families and communities. Using QlikView Namaste was able to tap into its existing content management system to unlock valuable insights. As a result the organization has significantly decreased the amount of time spent on reporting and enabled staff to better measure the outcomes of clients to uncover best practices and incite necessary change to maximize the positive results of clients.
  • Teletón Mexico is an annual 24-plus-hour TV and radio broadcast that raises money to treat sick and disabled children. Using QlikView they are able to tap into the organization’s existing system to optimize overall fundraising efforts and do near real time analysis of donor behaviors on fundraising days. Armed with this insight Teletón can better respond to the donor community and make more compelling requests for contributions. With the increased funding the organization has been able to better support the child rehabilitation centers in the region and has built Mexico’s first-ever cancer hospital specifically for children.

Philanthropic organizations interested in learning more about our global corporate social responsibility program, Change Our World, can visit

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